Review: Lamaze Garden Bug Foot Finder and Wrist Rattle Baby Toy Set

Garden bugs packaging front

The Lamaze garden bug wrist wrattle and foot finder baby toy set.

What is the Lamaze wrist rattle and foot finder baby toy set

The Lamaze wrist rattles and foot finders are sensory toys designed to help your baby discover their hands and feet.

About the Lamaze wrist rattle and foot finder baby toy set

The Lamaze garden bug wrist wrattle and foot finder baby toy set.The Lamaze garden bug foot finder and wrist rattle set come in an attractive gift box. I really like how clear they’ve made the recommended age and how they’ve left the product to sell itself, as it made working out whether I wanted it very simple indeed.

The set includes two wrist bands made in different colours and fabrics. Both rattle but one of them also has wings that make a crinkling sound when touched. The foot finders are made of a soft stretch fleece fabric and likewise each have a rattly bug on them, one of which also crinkles.

The review

I have been looking for a set like this for a couple of weeks because I wanted to help Grumpy Baby discover that she has feet, as they still seemed to be a bit of a mystery to her. I also liked the idea of the wrist bands, as while she is getting the hang of her strange hand things, she hasn’t quite mastered much past stuffing them into her mouth, yet!

The Lamaze garden bug wrist wrattle and foot finder baby toy set.Choosing this product was simple, as soon as I saw it I thought it looked like a quality product and the cheerful bugs looked fun. I wasn’t disappointed when I removed them from the packaging. All of the fabrics are nice and soft and they’re obviously well made, which is important when you consider that the first things Grumpy baby did, was start sucking on the bum of one of her wrist bugs!

The wrist straps fasten with a velcro tab and so are very easy to put on and adjust, although, I would have liked them to be just a tad bigger as in cold weather they need to go over a sleeve which is a bit of a squeeze on chubby baby arms. I’m certain that these have helped my baby get a greater appreciation of her hands as since wearing them she’s started to bring her hands together a lot more and she often sits staring at the bugs and waving them about.

Baby taking the garden bug wrist rattles and foot finders for a test drive.

The foot finders, which baffled my step-daughter who couldn’t understand why I would be so negligent as to put odd socks on the baby, slip on easily over a sleep suit or on bare feet and rattle nicely when my little one kicks around. I would be wary of her wearing them outside as they aren’t very grippy and do work themselves loose reasonably quickly, but the same can be said of any baby sock. I would say that if you are buying this product for a newborn you may need to wait a little while before the foot finders fit. Grumpy Baby is over 11lb and they are loose, so when she was born at 6lb12oz they would have been massive. It’s too early to say whether they have really helped her find her feet, but I have caught her staring at them with a bemused expression a couple of times, so it’s a start and certainly more attention than she’s ever given her feet before.

All in all, I’m very happy with this purchase and think the rattles and foot finders make a nice addition to Grumpy Baby’s growing toy collection. I’m looking forward to seeing how she plays with them as she grows and gets better hand eye co-ordination, but I can only see the amount of pleasure she gets from them increasing in the next couple of weeks and months.

How much does it cost?

Around £13

Where can I buy it?

You can find the garden bug wrist rattles and foot finders on the Lamaze website HERE or in many high street stores including Boots and Tesco, and of course online at Amazon via the link below.




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