January 2018 Life Goal Update

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Well, we’re a month into the new year so it’s time for the first of my life goals updates.

Overall the month hasn’t gone too badly. January is always a bit of an up and down month in my book. There’s the initial excitement of the new year, followed by the let down of realising that nothing has changed except a number, followed by the rallying cry of “Oh well, best get on with it then…”

Fitting into my wedding dress

One of the things that hasn’t changed this year is that I’m rubbish at dieting… I mean, really bad. I started with the best intentions but come the end of the month I’ve lost 2lb. I suppose that is better than gaining 2lb!

Using my new Fitbit Charge2 to monitor my calorie intake, weight, and exercise levels

I have been wearing my Fitbit consistently, but I’ve found that I keep forgetting to count calories. At first it was just the odd thing, but my forgetfulness has now spiralled to the point where I’m not even trying anymore… I’d like to say I will get better at this but I’d just by lying to both of us!

Only eating around 1200 calories per day

It’s hard to say whether I’m keeping to this, but overall, I feel as if I’m eating better. Unfortunately, I’ve undone most of my good days with a few really, really bad days. In February I desperately need to work at this.

Cutting down on junk food and upping my fruit and veg

This is another area where I haven’t done well, but things have started to look up towards the end of January.

Increasing my exercise levels using “active” video games

I started off well on this point, using Wii sport tennis nearly every day. Unfortunately, after a week or so Baby decided that the Wii paddles look fun and now she screams and cries every time I try to play.

I have bought a dancing game for my old Xbox, but this was put into storage when we moved in 2016 and appears to have disappeared to the same place socks vanish to.

Doing some gentile toning exercises every day

My only excuse for this one is that I’m lazy and Baby doesn’t like it when I do Yoga. However, as she is always doing down and up dog, I think this is a little unfair.

Despite all this, my wedding dress does fit. I had my first fitting a day or two ago and it looked amazing with the alterations pinned. Despite this I would still like to lose some weight to make it a little looser so that I can eat on my wedding day!

In February I plan to:

  • Continue monitoring my activity using my fitbit.
  • Try to chew gum instead of comfort/boredom eating.
  • Speak to a diet coach (my Dr has provided a referral so I’m just waiting for an appointment.
  • Try to eat less junk food.
  • Try to stretch when Baby naps.

Live your dream

Earn a living from my freelance writing business

I’m fairly happy with my January progress on this goal. I finished the month around the £500 mark which is less than I would have liked but more than I have previously managed.

Continuing to post regular content on Grumpy Mum Reviews

This did slip a little towards the end of the month due to the volume of work I have been doing for the writing business. I’m hoping I’ll be able to devote more time to the blog during February.

Applying for as many blog related opportunities as possible


Learning to say no to low value reviews, and appreciating that my time is valuable


Increasing my portfolio of freelance writing clients

I’ve worked with several individual clients but I have yet to find another regular client.

Applying for as much freelance writing work as I can handle


Focusing on increasing my freelance writing rate (as I become more experienced)

This is going to take some time to achieve.

In February I plan to:

  • Re-write/design my freelance writing website. I really don’t like the site as it is.
  • Amalgamate my freelance writing and blogging social media. I don’t have time to manage more than one account at present.
  • Pitch for higher paying writing jobs.
  • Post to Grumpy Mum twice per week.
  • Work on my speed. I can write quickly enough but I tend to agonise about the content of my articles. Often unnecessarily.

So far February is looking good as I have over £200 in cash and invoices. I do need to put more work into pitching if I want to continue doing well.

2018 Goals

Decorate at least 3 rooms

This goal is, for the most part, on hold until after August due to time, money, and the wedding. However, we have had a couple of hiccups during January which will require some work.

The Flood!

It never rains but it pours… in my case, it pours out of the toilet and floods the ground floor hallway! Luckily it wasn’t as gross as it sounds. Our waste pipe was blocked so when I took a shower the fast draining water couldn’t seep through the blockage quickly enough, so instead backed up into the downstairs loo. Fortunately, I decided to feed Baby before putting her in the bath, otherwise the damage would have been much worse. As it is, the laminate flooring in the hallway, while usable, is ruined and will need to be replaced.

As this isn’t urgent, we’ve decided to delay until we tile the kitchen floor and just run the new tiles from the kitchen, through the hall and into the dining room. Killing 3 birds with 1 stone.

The Washing Machine

Since 2016 we have now had 3 washing machines break. The first overheated on a hot wash, warping all of the front panels. The second was a built in machine that came with the house. This was vile and had a disgusting smell that we couldn’t shift regardless of how many times we cleaned it.

The final washing machine was from Grumpy Dad’s old house. This decided to die half way through a wash leaving me to hand wash all of Baby’s clothes which was less than fun!

I’m hoping our new Samsung ecobubble will change our washing machine luck, however, while fitting it I discovered that firstly their has been a slow leak from the waste pipe causing damage for goodness knows how long, and secondly, the pipework under the sink hasn’t been fitted well and as a result, it came apart when I pushed the new waste hose into place.

I have managed to fix both problems (just about) but the damage has been done and I don’t think we’ll know just how bad it is until we take out the kitchen and lift the floors. I’m sure that will be fun!

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January's Grumpy Mum Life Goal update

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    1. Unfortunately there is no simple solution. I like most of the stay at home workers I know, put in an extremely long day, getting up with Baby at 6am and working after she goes to sleep. I’m often still at my desk at 1am.
      The reward of being there to see all of Baby’s firsts is more than worth the effort though 🙂
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