Review: Infacol baby wind, colic and griping pain syrup

Infacol Applicator

Review: Infacol baby wind, colic and griping pain syrup

What is Infacol?

Infacol is a syrup that helps babies burp out the air they swallow while feeding by forcing all the little air bubbles to combine into bigger bubbles which are easier to dislodge. It is available on the shelf and is suitable from birth.


There are a few things that I wish I had known before becoming a first time mum and one of them is that Infacol is amazing. I wish someone had told me to buy a bucket load as it would have saved me and Grumpy Baby a lot of stress!

Review: Infacol baby wind, colic and griping pain syrupEvery one knows that you need to burp babies but until you’ve had one you assume it will be a simple affair. Throw baby over your shoulder, pat it a few times and look out for vomit… It was a bit of a shock when I realised that wasn’t the case. Not only do babies not obediently burp (Or burple in our house) on command, but when they can’t burp they become distressed and seem to be in pain. Night feeds were the worse with Grumpy Baby as she just wouldn’t burp, no matter what I did, but if I put her down she would sound as if she was in pain and often vomit or wake herself up. So I would end up spending hours walking up and down trying desperately to get her to burp. Then I discovered Infacol and it really was a game changer.

Infacol doesn’t make it child’s play to burp your baby or guarantee that you’ll be able to easily get your baby to burp every time. It also doesn’t work immediately, you will need to administer it at every feed for a day or two before you see any major results because the effects are accumulative, but once it does kick in you should see a marked improvement in how easy it is to burp your baby and how much discomfort they’re in. My little Grumpy went from being distressed after every night feed to drifting back off to sleep happily after just a couple of days which was amazing.

Review: Infacol baby wind, colic and griping pain syrupAdministering Infacol couldn’t be easier. Before each feed simply pop one applicator full of syrup in baby’s mouth and that’s it! The design of the applicator makes it very easy to get the syrup to the back of the mouth which will be important if, like Grumpy Baby, your baby doesn’t like the taste. She pulls some amazing “sour” faces when I give it to her but luckily, as it’s always followed quickly with milk, she doesn’t get too annoyed about it. I have discovered that at around 3 months the syrup did become a little more difficult to administer as Grumpy baby learned to lean forward at just the wrong moment so that the applicator ended up her nose, which she then gets quite upset about. At this point she also learned to spit the syrup out, but dealing with this rebellion is still easier by far than dealing with a baby who just cant burp.

You can find out more about Infacol on there website HERE

Where can I buy Infacol?

Infacol can be bought in most supermarkets and pharmacies, off the shelf or from Amazon via the link below.



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