Review: Higher Moor Farm Pod Lodges

Review: Higher Moor Farm Pod Lodges

In June this year the Grumpy Family visited Higher Moor Farm campsite near Weymouth for the first time and were absolutely blown away by the staff, location, amenities, and cleanliness. In fact, we were so impressed that we decided to return in September to experience one of their luxury pod lodges.

Read the original Higher Moor Farm review for an overview of campsite and why it got the Grumpy Mum stamp of approval.

About the Pod Lodges

From the outside the pods appear to be nothing more than what my mother would call a sun room. It’s easy to assume that the lodge is quite cramped inside, particularly the 4 birth family model, but you would be wrong.

To the front of the family lodges is a large deck area which is furnished with a sun lounger and a good-sized table for 4. The lodge itself has large floor to ceiling windows on two sides with double doors that can be locked open during the summer.

Inside, the lodge is split into two rooms. A living area where you can sleep, eat, and relax, and a surprisingly large bathroom.

Review: Higher Moor Farm Pod Lodges


The living area in the family lodge comprises of a double bed and a set of bunk beds. You’d be forgiven for expecting the double bed, which takes up most of the floor space in the lodge, to be a fold away, or sofa bed. I certainly was, but surprisingly it is a full sized “real” bed which can be flipped up into the wall like something out of a 1940’s detective movie, leaving a sofa in its place. Not only is this very cool, but it means that you have a fully sprung mattress to come home to at the end of a day on the beach.

The bunk beds are also a very clever. The bottom bunk doubles as a sofa and has plenty of storage space around and under it. The top bunk is set back into the wall a little way, which makes a big difference to the feeling of openness in the cabin.

Baby is far too young to sleep in a regular bed yet so in addition to the double and two singles, we had a regular sized cot. This fit easily next to the bunk beds leaving an (admittedly) small walkway between the double bed and the cot. This was absolutely fine for Grumpy Dad and myself, although it may well have felt a little cramped had both bunk beds also been occupied.

Review: Higher Moor Farm Pod Lodges


The family lodge is equipped with some basic cooking equipment. There is a small fridge, which is the holy grail to someone who is used to camping, but there really is only enough room for the essentials. If you’re planning to eat supper at the lodge every evening you will need to pop to the supermarket every day or two, but as there’s a large Morrisons less than 10 minutes away, this is no big chore.

The rest of the kitchen facilities include a kettle, toaster, small microwave, small sink area, and enough plates, cups, etc. for four people.

Review: Higher Moor Farm Pod Lodges


Once you have hidden the double bed the floor space within the lodge is very open and pleasant. The floor to ceiling windows on two sides give a lovely feeling of light and space and the views from our cabin were lovely. The windows have also been thoughtfully tinted so that once you close the light net curtains you can see out, but others can’t see in.

There is ample comfortable seating for four people within the cabin, a small TV, fold away table, and coffee table. The weather during our visit forced us to stay indoors for much of our time at the lodge but even with Baby learning to walk and Grumpy Dad stretched out feeling under the weather, the cabin felt spacious and cosy.

Review: Higher Moor Farm Pod Lodges

The Bathroom

The best word to describe the bathroom is “Luxurious”. It is surprisingly large, with a modern white three piece suit, backlit mirror, extra-large shower cubicle, and double headed shower. The result is a bathroom which is quite honestly nicer than the one I have at home and not at all what you’d expect to be in a tiny cabin in the middle of a field.

Our Stay

Typically Grumpy Dad and I had once again chosen the worse week in the month to take Baby away on holiday. We were expecting the first big storm of the winter to hit but as we had traded in the tent for a luxury lodge, I was hoping to have a comfortable stay.

Read about our June holiday at Higher Moor Farm

I’ve stayed in a lot of lodges and static caravans before and while most of them have been pleasant, I have always found that they feel flimsy and cold. The floors always echo, the walls are always paper thin, and the furniture and fixtures always have a “old caravan” feel to them. So, when we arrived at the Higher Moore Farm lodge I was surprised to find that not only did it have very solid floors, but real double glazing and fixtures and fitting that were substantial and of a quality I would expect in a permanent structure. In truth, once the heavy blackout curtains were closed for the night, we could have been in a small 4 star apartment, rather than a lodge in the middle of a field.

Review: Higher Moor Farm Pod Lodges

The other thing that I expected was a high level of wear and tear, given that we were visiting at the end of the very busy summer period, but again I was pleasantly surprised. The lodge was in exceptional condition and spotlessly clean, with hardly any indication that it had hosted hundreds of people over the past few months. This really  shouldn’t have been a surprise at all as I have come to expect a high attention to detail when it comes to the facilities at Higher Moor Farm and it’s lovely to see that their lodges are no exception.

It took very little time to settle into our lodge at Higher Moor Farm as although it is small, storage space has been created in every conceivable nook and cranny. Our only issue was Baby, her budding ability to stand on her own two feet, and her burning desire to follow me around pulling out anything I put away. In the end I used the top bunk as some extra storage just for sanity’s sake.

Once we were settled in the lodge was cozy by anyone’s standards. Baby’s cot fit snugly next to the bunk beds, the sofas and the beds were very comfortable, and the kettle was never more than a couple of steps away. I did find that the bedding provided  was a little too light for the weather, but luckily I had a couple of blankets to hand. Given my past experience, I have no doubt that had I asked, the staff would have been more than happy to give us additional bedding.

For the first couple of nights of our stay the weather was rather wet and wild so I was very pleasantly surprised by how solid and quiet the cabin was despite the pounding it was taking. At one point we were eating our supper when our sun lounger slowly made its way across the deck, thanks to the strong winds. Until that point I didn’t realise that it was more than breezy out.

Review: Higher Moor Farm Pod Lodges

We really did found the lodge to be an excellent alternative to glamping. Particularly when you can’t be sure of the weather. Although small the lodge exceeded all our expectations of comfort and was a pleasure to come back to at the end of the day. The luxurious bathroom was an unexpected bonus and really adds something special to the accommodation. In my view the only down side to the lodge accommodation is that you don’t really feel as if you’re in a campsite. There are no cold, wet trudges to the toilet blocks at 5am, or being kept awake by the campers in the next pitch chatting until 1am, and there wasn’t a single point at which I needed to put on two pairs of socks to keep warm… on second thoughts, if you want luxury camping, ditch the tent and hire a lodge!

Grumpy Mum’s Capsite Rating

Location 10/10

Higher Moor Farm is only around 10 minutes drive from Weymouth town centre with plenty of restaurants and supermarkets a few minutes drive away. It also makes an excellent base for exploring the rest of the Jurassic coast.

Venue 10/10

Higher Moor Farm is an exceptionally well designed and pleasant campsite, with immaculate modern amenities and fantastic staff.

Accommodation 10/10

The lodges at Higher Moore Farm exceed expectations. While small they are solid, comfortable, well designed, furnished to a high standard, and immaculately clean.

Price 8/10

The lodges aren’t the cheapest accommodation option but if you’re looking for luxury glamping they are very good value.

Overall Experience 10/10

Higher Moor Farm is a lovely place to visit regardless of which accommodation you choose. They have a number of added extras during the peak seasons (such as a beer tent), and a lovely atmosphere and attention to detail all year round.


To book your visit to Higher Moor Farm, head over to their website at

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