Growing into hobbies

Growing into hobbies

As Baby grows I’ve started to muse on what her interests will be. At the moment her main interests are following Mummy and Daddy around and making as much noise as possible. Although, she is already showing a distinct love of music, which is perhaps not surprising when you consider that her dad is a talented singer/song writer, and there are more musical instruments in our house than there are chairs!

We both hope that Baby will maintain a love of music and learn an instrument as she grows older, but as she’s only 1 it may be a little early for us to book the piano lessons!

Growing into hobbies

When I was growing up, my passion was horses. My house overlooked a large racecourse and my Grampy was one of the groundsmen until he retired. My bedroom was a horse shrine with horse wallpaper, bedding, decorations, and toys. My prize possession was my massive collection of My Little Pony’s. I must have had over 200 plus every play house going.

Unfortunately, despite my horse obsession, my family couldn’t afford to send me to a riding school, and they certainly couldn’t afford to get me a horse of my own. But once a year on my birthday we would go to Devon for a week and I would be sent to the local stables for a few hours.

I remember spending hours quizzing the riding instructors about horses. How much land would I need to keep one, how often did it need exercising, what did you need to do for them every day, how do you tack them up. I even quizzed them on proper horse nutrition. I must have driven them crazy with all of my questions, but they were always kind and after our rides they would get me mucking out the stables, or brushing down the horses. One particularly lovely instructor allowed me to take the horses to the field with her which involved riding bare back.

I was elated at the opportunity, having been brought up with romantic images of bare back horse riding. But in reality I remember it being rather uncomfortable.

Growing into hobbies

Sadly, when I was 13 I went to live with my mum and wasn’t allowed to keep any of my possessions. All of my horsey things were gone and I no longer lived in horse country or got to go riding as a special treat once a year. Looking back I think it’s actually quite sad. I lost a lot of myself when I moved and my passion for horses was lost too.

I have been riding a few times as an adult. I’ve even experienced galloping on a beach… I wasn’t supposed to be galloping but my horse decided to go and there was little I could do to stop it! Luckily (and to the instructors utter shock) I sat the gallop well and brought the horse back under control easily enough. Although he still tried to throw me off into some barbed wire 10 minutes later, looking back I don’t think that horse liked me very much!

Whatever interests Baby develops as she grows up, I hope that I am able to encourage and support her in them. Just as I hope that I can encourage and support her in every aspect of her life.

As Baby grows older it's so exciting to see her developing interests and hobbies. For me growing up I was obsessed with horses, but for her I think it will be music.

*This post was written in collaboration with Spillers Feeds. All views and opinions are my own.



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