Review: The First 5 Years by Dr Phillippa Kaye

Review: The First Five Years

About the first 5 years

The first 5 years by Dr Philippa Kaye is a book aimed at new parents who want to some guidance and advice on what to expect from their child and how to encourage them during the first 5 years of their life.

My Review if the first 5 years

Even before I first became pregnant I was utterly addicted to apps and books about Baby’s development. While we tried for Baby I had more fertility apps on my phone than I had games, and once I was pregnant I swapped them all for pregnancy apps and my Kindle became swamped with baby books! However, since Baby came into the world I’ve found it more difficult to find time to keep up to date with apps and books. My leisure time has literally been reduced to hiding in the toilet to get 5 minutes to myself!

Review: The forst 5 Years

So, when I was asked to review “The first 5 years” I was both excited at the prospect of reading a new development book and slightly worried that I wouldn’t be able to find the time. Fortunately, after reading the first few pages I realised that this is not a book you need to read cover to cover in one go. It is broken up into age appropriate segments which make it easier for a busy mum (or dad) to read in between meal times, nappy changes and manically energetic play times.

The main body of the book will be very familiar to anyone who has used a pregnancy app. With each chapter covering what to expect from your baby during a particular age range. With the length of that range gradually increasing from 3 months, to 6, and later 12. These chapters are then broken up again into sub-headings including Mobility, Handling Skills, Speech and Language, Social and Emotional Development, and Problem Solving. In effect, this covers all of the major developmental changes your child will go through in the manic first five years of their life.
Every child is different so no book or app can 100% predict how they will be developing at any given time, but I did find that “The first 5 years” presented a reasonable prediction in a friendly manner littered with handy tips and suggestions. I was also happy to note that the book hadn’t been written in the cutesy, overfamiliar way that some baby books are written.

The second part of “The First 5 Years”, moves away from the what to expect angle toward pure advice with chapters including Sample Activities, Common Concerns, Difficult Questions and Tricky Situations, and Helping Your Child at Nursery/School. Each of these chapters try to answer questions that you may have about your child’s development before you have them, and suggest how you should cope with certain situations.

Review: The First Five Years

I didn’t read as much of the second part of the book as the first as it was either not yet relevant to me, the only part I was particularly interested in was the activities chapter but I have to admit that I found this much harder to use than the first half of the book, due to the activities being split into types rather than age ranges. This is my one criticism of an otherwise very enjoyable book and hopefully it is something that will be re-written in latter editions.

I really enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to anyone who, like myself, enjoys reading about their child’s predicted development. I found the tone very pleasant and the information and advice reasonable. I was also pleased to find that, unlike many baby books, “The First 5 Years” doesn’t preach a right way of achieving things. Rather, it makes suggestions and makes it clear that every baby is different. I’m certain that over the next 4 and a bit years this book will be seeing a lot of use.

If you would like to read “The First 5 Years” for yourself you can find it on Amazon using the following link.

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The first 5 years is a child development book aimed at advising parents what to expect from their babys in the first 5 years of their lives.

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