Fidget Spinner Giveaway

Fidget Spinner Giveaway

It’s been a while but England is once again in the grips of a craze. The last time this happened the toy of choice was loom bands, remember them? The tiny bands which appeared over night and were suddenly the must have pocket money toy. The first time Child turned up with some I actually thought they were quite cool… that was until I’d spent hours trying to make an incredibly complicated bracelet for her and found myself hoovering up more loom bands than I would have believed possible for months afterwards. In the end I was glad when that craze ended.

The latest craze to take over is Fidget Spinners. Like most crazes they seem to have appeared out of the blue and now they’re EVERYWHERE!

I admit, I’m late to the party as I only found out out about them through the sudden explosions of articles and comments on social media, mostly about them being banned in schools. But here I am, sitting at my desk with the spinner I have acquired for Child who has been desperately begging to join in with the obsessed masses for the past week.

They started out innocently enough as an executive toy, but they quickly found their way into the hands of children who immediately set about developing tricks to make them more interesting, and like most crazes they started polarizing parents almost from day one. Some parents hate them as being distracting and even dangerous due to children attempting tricks and ending up with injuries. Others praise them for helping some children with ADHD, Autism or anxiety to concentrate and while it hasn’t been scientifically proven that they do this, the testimony of the parents whose children have benefited is compelling.

Fidget Spinner Giveaway

From my own perspective, they seem to have the same simple hypnotic allure as spinning a coin or a spinning top so I can see how they could be relaxing for children who are anxious or have too much pent up energy. Either way whether you love them or hate them, one thing we can all agree on is that all crazes end as suddenly as they start and in a few months the sound of whirring spinners will be replaced by something else, equally unexpected.

If you’d like to get your hands on a Fidget Spinner for free while they are still in vogue Simply eliquid are hosting a giveaway. Simply click on the image below and follow the instructions on their website.

Fidget Spinner Giveaway

*This post was sponsored by Simply eliquid. All opinions are my own.


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    1. Haha! I know the feeling. Child arrived for here weekend with us today waving the thing around. On the bright side it’s a bit limited so hopefully the craze won’t last long 😉

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