Fathers Day Gift List 2017

Fathers Day gift list 2017

Believe it or not Fathers Day is only a couple of weeks away on the 18th June, when fathers across the country will be receiving the appreciation they deserve.

There was a time when the stereotypical dad was someone who went to work, did a bit of DIY and that was about it, but things have changed immeasurably. Dads are now every bit as important as mums when it comes to looking after the home and children. Indeed, if it wasn’t for Grumpy Dad and his cooking skills I’m fairly certain we would all starve! Yet, while much is made of Mothers Day with rows and rows of gift ideas cramming the shelves of supermarkets and gift shops, dads generally get stuck with novelty mugs, cuff-links and ugly ties.

So, to combat this unfair travesty I’ve scoured the internet for alternative gift ideas so that your dad (or your child’s dad) can get what he really deserves.


Birthdays, Christmas, Mothers Day, Valentines Day… Have you ever noticed that women receive chocolates for just about any occasion. It’s no wonder that we’re all constantly on diets! Dads however are nowhere near as fortunate. They receive novelty mugs or beer, but the truth is that I have never met a man who didn’t love chocolate just as much, if not more, than I do!

These yummy salted caramel crisps from Elizabeth Shaw are delicious, rich and classy and can also be bought in a range of other yummy flavors such as mint or orange. Retailing at around £3.50 they make the perfect pocket money Fathers Day gift.

Fathers Day gift list 2017


You may be wondering what socks are doing on this list, after all, aren’t socks boring? Well, not to sound like too much of a nerd but in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone Dumbledore told Harry that when he looked into the Mirror of Erised he saw himself opening a gift and holding up a pair of socks. This was because, he explained, everyone thought he wanted books for Christmas and Birthdays, but what he really wanted was a nice pair of woolly socks. To be fair, he was probably lying, but the idea is sound as Grumpy Dad and Teen both love to receive a nice pair of woolly socks!

These funky super hero socks are wonderfully warm and fluffy and make perfect gifts for super hero dads. They retail at £9.99 and can be found at Heat Holders.

Fathers Day gift list 2017

An Engraved Pen

Anyone who has worked in an office will be familiar with the constant struggle of keeping tabs on your favorite pen. You guard it jealously, are careful not to leave it lying around, and lock it up at night. But despite all your efforts one day someone will come to your desk for a chat and when they leave your pen will leave with them, never to be seen again! A gift of an engraved pen isn’t just thoughtful and practical, it also makes it impossible for the nefarious office pen thief to abscond with it!

Tiger Pens sell an eye watering array of pens, from ballpoints to space aged inkless pens which write by depositing metal fragments. They are also the first company in the UK to offer laser engraving on both metal and plastic pens. This Fisher Space Pen retails at £20.95 and was engraved for £6.95 turning a classy pen into an elegant gift.

Fathers Day gift list 2017

Homemade Gin Kit

A bottle of wine or a few cans of beer is a traditional zero effort dad present, but giving a home made alcohol gift adds a fun twist to a dull gift. There’s nothing more satisfying than making something yourself and if that action also results in an alcoholic beverage then all the better.

Gin has been experiencing something of a revival over the past few years and as a result this drink that was once called mothers ruin is now the fashionable tipple to quaff. So, what better way to make Dad feel part of the “in” crowd than to give him this spiffy homemade gin kit from Amara. The kit contains everything you need to make a tasty homemade gin from the bottles right down to the juniper berries, just add vodka! The homemade gin kit retails at £50, but you can hardly put a price on the ability to turn a cheap vodka into a good gin.

Fathers Day gift list 2017

A Short Break in Italy

Do you know a dad who has been extra special this year? If you do maybe a short break in one of the most beautiful and culturally rich countries in the world is in order. All In Italian have some fantastic Fathers Day offers on for those who want to do more than just see the sights. They include:

Sicilian olive picking weekend. Spend the weekend picking and tasting olives on the iconic island of Sicily. During this hands on break guests will be transported back in time to learn how to pick olives and make olive oil with traditional methods. Prices start from 195 euros per person for 2 nights.

Wine tasting in Barolo. On this sophisticated break guests will visit Barolo to wet their taste buds tasting wine at two wineries and if that wasn’t enough they will also visit the Barolo Castle Museum and take lunch in the city of Alba. Prices start from 200 euros per person.

Italian cooking and languages courses on the Amalfi Coast. While staying in the beautiful seafront setting of the Amalfi coast you will learn both the languages of Italy on this tasty little break. Prices start from 620 euros per person.

If you would like to enquire about any of these breaks please contact All In Italian.

Fathers Day gift list 2017

Hopefully this gift list has given you some great ideas and possibly helped you to find the perfect gift!

tuck for idead this Fathers Day? Check out my Fathers Day gift list for suggestions to suit any budget.

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