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Your baby is the most wonderful creature in the world, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be challenging at times. From the moment the midwife plops them into your arms, they begin their mission to poop their own weight every day, eat you out of house and home, and deprive you of sleep until you barely know your own name, let alone why you walked into the kitchen.

As mums, we use any tool at our disposal to make our 24/7 job just that little bit easier, and although I was hesitant at first, I eventually found that a simple dummy was one of the most powerful tools at my disposal. A dummy can help sooth tears, pause tantrums, and miraculously, aid sleep… but even this tool isn’t fool proof as babies are masters of the classic game, “guess where my dummy is before I have a meltdown”.

Baby using her Baby Wings dummy clip to save her dummy while on the swing

To give you a head start, here are just a few of the hiding places your baby will try:

1.Under their own butt

You may be thinking that this is a simple one to find but think again. When your new-born, who is incapable of much except cute confused expressions, manages to shove their dummy under their butt, it will magically become completely impossible to find without picking said new-born up.

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2.Down the back of the sofa cushions

Everyone knows that this is where all coins eventually end up, but once you have a baby you can expect to find at least 3 dummies hiding out with the £3.42 in change, and for some unknown reason a spoon.

3.In your shoe

Generally no one likes to slip their foot into their shoe only to discover something lurking inside. I live in constant fear that one day a spider will be lying in wait. But if you have a baby, this is the perfect place to hide dummies, cars, wooden brick, and once again, a spoon.

Baby using her Baby Wings dummy clip at the butterfly farm

4.Their own clothes

A classic hiding place as a dummy once stuffed inside a vest or sleep suit becomes invisible meaning that your baby can watch your increasingly frantic search in the knowledge that you will only find the dummy once you give pick them up. This is a particular favourite of snuggly babies as it guarantees snuggle time.

5.In your handbag

This hiding place is handy if you are out and about as it allows your baby to convince you that they have lost their dummy, causing panic and frenzied searching. A particularly devious baby can utilise this hiding place to force a retrace of steps into the toy shop that you had just left.

6.In your tea

The dunked dummy is an advanced hiding place which requires a level of sneak skill rarely seen in babies, however, with the use of a diversion it is very effective as you won’t find the dummy unless you finish drinking your tea, which will have gone cold while you looked for the dummy.

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7.Finally, Underneath the cot

Underneath the cot is the most feared of all hiding places as retrieving the dummy usually requires agility, speed, and a certain tolerance for pain. To achieve this retrieval, you must wedge yourself under the cot, bending your arms into all sorts of unnatural positions as you try to grasp the dummy, all the while pressing your face to the cot bars until they leave an imprint. All this must be done at speed if you want to retrieve the dummy before your baby wakes and insists that it’s morning at 1am.

Achieving an under-cot retrieval before your baby wakes is a similar feeling to winning the Crystal Maze. Just remember to do your celebrating outside of the nursery!

Baby Wings dummy clips

Baby Wings Dummy Clips

If you’d like to avoid the drama of a rousing game of “hunt the dummy” you can always use a dummy clip. After trying several brands, I only use Baby Wings as they’re colourful, have plastic clips that grip securely without damaging clothes, and they are amazing value for money as they last and last even with daily use. Baby has had her clips since she was a few months old and every one of them is still going strong today!

Using a dummy clip is simple, just loop one end through the dummy then attach the clip end to your baby’s clothing or a handy pram strap. No more lost dummies while you’re out and about, and no more hassle trying to find hidden dummies. Meaning you will have more time to deal with important issues such as finding the keys you put into the fridge instead of the milk…

Special offer

Until the end of July 2018 Baby Wings are making their fantastic products even more appealing with 20% off their entire catalogue. Visit their website at https://www.babywings.co/ and enter “HFMumMom” at the (Amazon) checkout.

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Competition Time

From now until 2nd July, Baby Wings will be holding two competitions per week to win some of their fantastic products. Just visit their Facebook Page or Twitter Feed for more detail of how you can enter.

Please remember that dummy clips are for supervised use only and should not be left in your baby’s cot while they’re sleeping.

*This is a sponsored post however I feel it’s worth saying that I absolutely love Baby Wings products and use their dummy clips exclusively.

A humorous look at the many places your baby could lose their dummy and how to prevent it using Baby Wings dummy clips

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