Designing My Perfect Me-Space

Designing my perfect me-space

When we moved from my one bed flat to our four bed house last year, the thing that excited me most was that I would now have an office of my own. The kids would all have their own bedrooms. Grumpy Dad would build a cabin in the garden to use as a music room, and I would have the dining room to turn into an office of my own! Unfortunately, a year later the cabin isn’t finished and my office is Grumpy Dad’s music room and a general dumping ground for things that are still in boxes. But that’s all about to change.

By the end of August the music cabin will be finished and I can finally take possession of my office, something that’s becoming even more important now that I’m full time self-employed. The only question left is, what to do with it?

I absolutely love DIY  so planning what I will do with my new office is really exciting, even more so as the room doesn’t appear to have been touched since the house was built 10 years ago. It has the same magnolia walls and cream carpet, and I’m really not a fan.

Designing my perfect me-space

Whenever I decorate a room I try to work out what it will predominantly be used for first so that I can give it zones. In my one bed flat this was really important as the main living space had to work as a kitchen, living room, dining room, and workspace. In my new office I will need space to write, although I won’t be using a desk, I still want a spot with a comfy chair and somewhere to place a drink. I will also need an area for my beloved piano (which I can’t play), some craft and prop storage, and somewhere to take photos. In addition to this, Baby will be spending a lot of time in my office with me so it all had to be neat, tidy and minimal, with lots of space for her to play in the middle of the room. Considering the room is only about 4×3 meters, it’s quite a tall task.

With a clear view of what the room is for in mind, moving on to the decoration is easy. The magnolia, unsurprisingly has to go, as the reflected yellow light is awful for photos. Instead I will be painting three walls in ivory and having my resident wallpaper expert, Grumpy Dad, paper the back wall in a gorgeous (and very girly) floral wallpaper from Taskers.

Designing my perfect me-space

When planning flooring, I would usually choose a hard floor for an office/craft room, but as I’m envisioning a cosy space, rather than utilitarian one, I’ve decided to go with a deep pink carpet to bring out the pink in the cherry blossoms. This isn’t ideal for photography but it is gorgeous and will be lovely and comfortable for Baby to play on, not to mention that the dark colour will stand up to the grubby toddler she is about to become far better than a cream carpet would.

Decorating isn’t the only thing needed in my new office. The only piece of furniture I have for the room is my piano, I will also need a chair, coffee table, and craft storage. And while I could look in lots of different shops for the perfect items, I never bother because I love Ikea furniture. In fact I can’t remember the last time I bought a piece of furniture that wasn’t Ikea!

After rifling through their online catalogue (who am I kidding, we go there so often I practically have their catalogue memorised!) I decided on a Hemnes white sideboard and coffee table. We already have a lot of Hemnes furniture in black brown in the living room and it’s so sturdy and well designed that I’m more than happy to continue the theme.

Designing my perfect me-space

Choosing my chair has been much more difficult as I want something that I can sit up in to write on my laptop, but also something that’s comfy that I can relax in. Finally I settled on a Stocksund but I think I will need to take a trip to Ikea to check it our before I buy… Any excuse for a visit!

So, with my decorating and furnishing plans formulated, all I have to do now is wait for Grumpy Dad to finish his music cabin so that I can evict him and start creating my perfect work space.

What would be in your ideal home office?

The idea that men need their own little Man Cave is a common one, but what about us women? Well, as of then end of August I will be getting a cave of my own and this is what I will be doing with it!

If you want to read about our other decorating and DIY endeavors check out my post on making a house a home.

*This post was sponsored by Taskers


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