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I know I’m getting old because I get truly excited about things like buying new white goods, so today was a little like Christmas come early.

After moving into our new house a few months ago it became apparent that the built in appliances left a lot to be desired. The fridge alternated between freezing and warming its content for reasons best known to itself, the freezer liked to randomly turn into an iceberg and the dishwasher didn’t! Time for a trip to Currys, but only because they are the only appliance and electrical specialist left on the high street. We chose a nifty new freestanding fridge freezer and dishwasher and arranged for delivery without installation, as last time I arranged installation of a dishwasher my kitchen was flooded! (But that’s a different story)

Finally the day came when Currys would be delivering our new appliances. We had removed the old ones and left them by the back gate to make it easier for the delivery men to collect them and Currys had got off to a good start by texting me with a delivery window. After that it all went down hill.

We live in a lovely new estate where for some reason the designer decided to place our front door on a different street to the one in our address. This means that to get to our front door you have to wander down long path, which makes us hard to find and inconvenient for large deliveries. As a result I always help the delivery men out by telling them that their life will be easier if the go to the other street, not our address. When the Currys delivery driver called to say he was 10 minutes away I was happy to impart this information, unfortunately he only appeared to have the most basic grasp of English and just replied with “I follow nav, Goodbye” before hanging up. While this didn’t really effect me, as I was trying to help him, it did mean that he was less likely to be able to find my house and I also found it strange that a customer facing representative of the company would lack a skill like fluent English.

When the Currys delivery men arrived about 20 minutes later I was quite surprised they’d found the house so quickly. They had the dishwasher with them and asked if I had ordered a fridge freezer too. I said yes, and collection for my old appliances too. The one who did all the talking said “we see” which I thought was odd so I reiterated that I had booked the collection. He frowned at me and said that he would check the paperwork. He then ran off down the street leaving my dishwasher on the street in the poring rain and didn’t return with the fridge freezer about another 5 or 10 minutes.

Once they were back I offered to open the side gate so that they could have easier access to the kitchen where they were to deliver the appliances. While I went to do this they let themselves into my hallway, making no effort to wipe their dirty boots and leaving the door wide open… while this wouldn’t normally bother me, I had my three month old in the next room and with winter in full swing she woke up and started crying because she was cold.

Once I’d opened the side gate I came back in to wrap up Grumpy baby and settle her down. I then went out to show the delivery men where I wanted the appliances and got out of their way. When I returned to the kitchen a few minutes later I found that the delivery men had once again made no effort to wipe their feet before entering my home, only this time they had been standing in mud in the garden and had traipsed this across the the kitchen floor. I signed the delivery pad which was presented to me and the two men set about collecting the old appliances. The one who did all the talking had enough English to ask with irritation why I had taken the fridge doors off and frowned and muttered under his breath when I said I had to as it was a integrated appliance.

It was at this point as he disappeared with the old fridge without a word that I realised that instead of putting the appliances where I had asked, they had put them against the counter making it impossible to get to the sink or baby bottles and formula. As they hadn’t said goodbye or asked if I was happy and had left my back door and gate wide open I assumed they were coming back to shift the appliances once they had loaded the old ones, but no. They were long gone and I was left with a 6ft, extremely heavy fridge freezer in the least convenient place possible.

This has to have been the worse delivery experience I’ve ever had. After they left there was mud all over the floor, a 6ft fridge preventing me from making a bottle for my baby and the delivery men failed to provide even the most basic customer service such as saying goodbye at the end of the job. It’s service like this which created Grumpy Mum and it is the reason why I will no longer be shopping at Currys.





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  1. UPDATE: Since writing this article KNOWHOW support, who provide the Currys delivery service, have been in touch and offered me £20 compensation.

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