Tips for a cosy children’s bedroom this winter

Tips for a cosy children's bedroom this winter

Winter has arrived and the weather is most definitely frightful, so it’s the perfect time to think about making your home cosy and snug for the winter.

For most people this means throws on the sofa, heavy curtains at the windows, and the annual search for that draft that keeps wafting around your ankles. But while you’re seeing to the rest of the house, don’t forget your child’s room.

There are plenty of simple ways to make your child’s room warm and snug this winter. Just check out these top tips to turn their room into the perfect cosy bolthole.

Baby peering out of her makeshift den

Get some swag

Typically houses lose 10% of their heat through windows so if you want to keep your child’s bedroom toasty and warm, regardless of what the British weather throws at us, a good pair of curtains is essential.

To make the room extra cosy choose thick, dark curtains with blackout lining. If you want to add a little bling to your window dressing, you could complement it with a sparkling voile net curtain.

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Add the cosy factor to your floors

Children of all ages spend a huge amount of time playing and hanging out on the floor, so a simple way to make their room seem cosy and warm is to add a soft rug. Deep pile or shaggy rugs are perfect for this and can be bought in bright colours and fun designs.

A space of their own

Small spaces feel much cosier than large ones, particularly when you yourself are small. As such, adding a Wendy house to your child’s bedroom will give them the ultimate cosy nook to curl up in when it’s cold outside.

Unlike the Wendy houses of my childhood, modern Wendy houses come in a dizzying variety of shapes and sizes, from traditional little cottages, to tepees and even castles! If you don’t have room for a Wendy house you could consider getting a mid sleeper bed with a tent underneath. These aren’t as high off the ground as cabin beds, but still give you lots of extra storage space and a lovely little hidey hole for your child to explore.

Baby trying out travel cot which also makes a fun hideaway

A warmly dressed bed is a cosy bed

In winter there’s no such thing as a bed that is too snuggly and warm.

You may have already changed your child’s duvet to a higher tog, but the added weight and insulation of a throw or quilt will make your child’s bed feel luxurious and warm.

You could also add some soft fluffy scatter cushions to the bed to create a cosy cocoon. Just remember to stick to cushion covers made from velvet, brush cotton or wool, and avoid any covers that feel cool to the touch like polyester or silk.

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Somewhere to snuggle

Another way to make your child’s bedroom floor more appealing is to add a bean bag. These retro chairs are the perfect place for your child to curl up with a book… or more likely an iPad!

As with throw cushions, stick to warm, soft fabrics and avoid polyesters which are cold to the touch.

Baby cosy in bed with her teddy

Add warmth with light

Adding some mood lighting to your child’s room will instantly make it feel warmer.

When you’re choosing light bulbs avoid daylight bulbs which will be tinted a cool blue and instead look for pearl bulbs which will give off a softer glow. If you feel like having some fun you could buy one of the increasingly popular smart bulbs, which allow you to change the colour and brightness of your bulbs at will.

If you want to make your child's bedroom cosy this winter, check out these decorating tips

Do you have a tip for making your child’s room cosy this winter? If so, share it in the comments!

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