Costa – In Hot Water, bottle feeding woes (Continued)

Costa Coffee in Hot Water

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If you haven’t already, you can read my previous post about Costa stores and their confused stance on providing hot water to their customers for the purpose of warming babies bottles HERE.

So, following on from my most recent run in with a Costa store informing me that they can’t give me any hot water, I have received the following email from the customer service team manager in the Brand and Social department.

Thank you for your email.

I will be picking up with the Area Manager again today. I can confirm this information is contained in our brand standards so is available to all team members and clearly states ‘ If customers insist on taking the jug of hot water with the bottle to their table, team members should allow this’.

I can only apologise you have encountered this issue again.

I may not have mentioned this before but I had already been told this by an ex-Costa employee, however when I mentioned it to the Swindon Town Centre branch manager I was informed that I was wrong and that the hand book said not to allow customers to have the hot water. As I hadn’t seen the handbook for myself I backed down at the time, so it’s reassuring to see it in black and white from someone in authority.

It’s hard, after so many assurances to believe that the next time I enter a Costa branch this issue will have been resolved but I’m trying to stay positive. One day, hopefully before I die of old age, bottle feeding mums will be able to walk into a Costa in the Swindon area and get a cup of hot water with their coffee without having to battle with staff and managers… After all, we are adults and if we can be trusted with a hot drink, surely we can also be trusted with its main ingredient!


Continue reading about my experiences with Costa Coffee below.

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