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About the product

Festive Christmas Sleep Suit

The three festive sleepsuits comprise of one gingerbread print sleep suit and one Christmas print sleep suit both with poppers down the front and bother legs, and one reindeer applique sleep suit with poppers down the front and one leg. They are 100% cotton, machine washable and come in sizes from “Tiny Baby” up to 3 years.


Christmas is coming, so I thought it was time for some Christmassy reviews! My first task was getting Grumpy Baby in the Christmas spirit!

I purchased the festive sleepsuits for Baby as I’m a self confessed Christmas nut and loved the eye-catching Christmassy patterns. As it turns out, so do most of my mummy friends as I have had more people comment on these and ask where I bought them than any other outfit Baby owns.

Gingerbread Festive Christmas Sleep SuitAll three sleepsuits are incredibly soft and warm and seem to be made of thicker fabric than the other sleep suits I’ve purchased, which is perfect now the winter frost has set in. They also have my favorite fastening with poppers down the front and at least one leg. I always look for this in a sleepsuit as it just makes life so much easier when you’re not trying to get an outfit over Baby’s head… This is particularly true when said outfit has been the unfortunate victim of a nappy explosion!

Each of the sleepsuits also have integrated scratch mitts, which is a nice extra that you don’t get on many cheaper sleep suits. I admit that I don’t use these as intended, as Baby loves to stare cross eyed at her fingers. But the scratch mitts do come in handy when we’re outside, as they keep Baby’s fingers warm on the way to the car.

Reindeer Festive Christmas Sleep SuitAll in all, I can’t think of a single bad thing to say about these little outfits. They are very good quality for the money, seem comfortable and warm and they even wash well with no shrinkage that I have noticed. Although, the last point isn’t the blessing as it would at first seem as they just a little big for Baby’s short little arms and legs!

Where can I buy them and how much do they cost?

You can purchase the festive sleep suits at most Mothercare stores or their website HERE for £16. You may want to hurry as the website is already out of stick of many sizes.

Mothercare Sleepsuit Size Guide



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