What’s in Baby’s 2017 Christmas stocking?

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With just a few days left before Christmas day, I’ve been busy packing up Baby’s oversized Christmas stocking.

Last year Baby was only 4 months old and tiny enough that she could have been squeezed into her stocking along with her gifts. She’s grown a lot since then and even if she hadn’t, there’s no chance that she would fit in amongst the huge haul of stocking stuffers she has this year!

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What’s in Baby’s stocking?

Christmas Micky and Minnie Mouse Hallmark Itty Bitty’s

I rarely buy Baby cuddly toys because I don’t think she “gets” them yet. That being said I think there are certain things that young children should have among their presents on Christmas day and a cuddly toy is one of them. This year she is getting a pair of Christmas Itty Bitty’s. These are perfect because they’re quite small so they won’t make much of an impact on Baby’s cuddly toy pile, but they’re also collectibles, so if she does take to them I’ll have gift ideas lined up for the next couple of years!

HEXBUG Cuddlebot

I love Hexbugs and I’m sure that Baby would too if they weren’t far too small for her right now. That’s why Baby has a Hexbug Cuddlebot in her stocking. I is supposed to wiggle like a normal Hexbug but it’s about the size of a tennis ball.

The only down side to this is it is for children ages 3+ and I’ve read that toddlers can chew the foam bug off of the base quite easily, so it looks like this is one for highly supervised play only.

That’s Not My Puppy

You’ll be hard pressed to find a baby or toddler who doesn’t like the “That’s not my” books. I must have read “That’s not my duck” hundreds of times so it will be a relief to have a tiny bit of variation.

Baby next to her stocking, Christmas 2016

Halia Rose teether

Halia Rose mostly make stylish teething jewellery, but they also make cute teething elephants which can be threaded through a teething necklace. As Baby is currently determined to cut a tooth a week, this should be a hit.

Wooden Eskimo’s and arctic animals

Baby loves wooden toys… or more to the point, she loves chewing wooden toys. She’s also started stacking recently so I’m hoping to see a range of tall wooden towers with one of these cute wooden polar animals on top, in the New Year.

“Guess how much I love you?” wooden blocks

Just recently “Guess how much I love you?” has become one of Baby’s favourite books. She loves the illustrations, so these blocks should go down well with my budding architect.

Cadbury Buttons

It’s a poor show if you don’t get any chocolate on Christmas day and buttons are Baby’s favourite (they’re one of mine too!)

Minnie Mouse Pyjamas

For some reason I’m obsessed with giving Baby pyjamas at Christmas, so I found some cute 80’s style Minnie Mouse ones at ASDA. I would have preferred to give Baby some Christmas themed pyjamas, but I’ve been very disappointed with the Christmas themed clothing available this year.

Baby's Christmas sticking haul 2017

Pull Along Cow

Baby has just started to walk and although she’s very wobbly, she loves her walker and her push along bunny… She also likes dragging scarves and random pieces of clothing behind her, so I’m hoping she likes pulling this cow along.

Lindt Teddys

Oops! A little more chocolate has made it’s way into Baby’s stocking. When I bought Baby’s brother and sister a set of Lindt bears, I couldn’t help getting baby a couple of mini bears.

Red Hoodie

I’m slightly obsessed with buying hoodies for Baby, but they are so handy. Whenever we go out in the car I pop Baby in a hoody to keep her warm and then throw her coat (which is puffy so not suitable to be worn while strapped into a car seat) across her like a fluffy blanket.

This hoodie is from ASDA. I buy lots of her hoodies from there as they are very cheap but the quality is fantastic!

Dress and leggings

After buying Baby’s hoodie I realised that she doesn’t have anything to go with it so I thought I had better buy her a new outfit. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

It's Christmas and that means it's time to look at Baby's Christmas stocking haul 2017

Has your little one got a stocking this year? What’s your must have stocking stuffer?

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  1. Thank you Grumpy Mum for sharing What’s in Your Baby’s 2017 Christmas Stocking post. Its always nice to hear what people put inside their child’s stocking. You included everything inside.

    What was your child’s favorite thing inside the stocking?

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