How to top up your maternity pay with Matched Betting

How to top up your maternity pay with matched betting

Following on from my Frugal February post I was going to write Money Saving March but as it turns out March has been the month of Matched Betting. As a result I’ve decided that instead of writing about how I’ve done this month, I’m going to write about how anybody can substantially top up their maternity pay with very little effort, through matched betting. I cam across Matched Betting years ago when I read some posts on money saving forums about people making silly amounts of money for very little effort. If I’m honest, I didn’t believe it. There’s always […]

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Christmas Keepsake Advent Calendar Tutorial

Advent Calendar Tutorial

Christmas always gets my nesting instincts twitching and this year is no exception, so with a new baby and a lot of time on my hands (Granted mostly taken up with nappy changes and feedings) I wanted to make a special keepsake for Grumpy Baby and an advent calendar seemed like the perfect thing. This tutorial will guide you through how to make your own keepsake advent calendar using easy to find materials. To make the advent calendar you will need A blank balsa wood advent calendar. These are easily purchasable online, mine was purchased from eBay White mount board […]

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