Festive Christmas Sleep Suits – Pack of 3 – Review

Christmas Sleep Suit Review www.grumpymum.co.uk

About the product The three festive sleepsuits comprise of one gingerbread print sleep suit and one Christmas print sleep suit both with poppers down the front and bother legs, and one reindeer applique sleep suit with poppers down the front and one leg. They are 100% cotton, machine washable and come in sizes from “Tiny Baby” up to 3 years. Review Christmas is coming, so I thought it was time for some Christmassy reviews! My first task was getting Grumpy Baby in the Christmas spirit! I purchased the festive sleepsuits for Baby as I’m a self confessed Christmas nut and […]

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Bump to Birthday Pregnancy Journal – Review

Bump to Birthday Book Review www.grumpymum.co.uk

What is it? The bump to birthday journal is part of the journals of a lifetime collection. The journal is a way for expectant mothers to record their thoughts, feelings and experiences during their pregnancy and first month of being a new mum. About the product The Bump to Birthday journal is a hard back book with a nice weight to each page. The journal comprises of a page for each week of pregnancy, additional pages such as 12 and 20 week scan, a page for each week of the first month of your babies life and pages for major […]

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Sweeping Autumn Tree Wall Sticker – Review

Tree Wall Sticker Review www.grumpymum.co.uk

What is it? The sweeping autumn tree wall sticker is a vinyl wall decoration for indoor use. About the product The first thing I should mention about this product is that I didn’t get what I paid for! I was under the impression I was buying a wall sticker from Design Devil, a UK company who make high quality wall stickers. Unfortunately their advert had been hijacked by a Chinese company who were selling cheap Chinese reproductions which are no where near the same quality. It is the cheap reproduction that I will be reviewing, however the design is beautiful […]

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Rocky Rice Cake Bars – Review

Rocky Rice Snack Review www.grumpymum.co.uk

When Rocky Rice got in touch and asked me to review their new rice cake bars I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting to like them. I mean, rice cakes, aren’t they just Styrofoam pretending to be food? With that in mind I decided I’d better get some help so that I could give a balanced review. As luck would have it my family were happy to step up and help me eat food, so on the review panel today we have Grumpy Mum, mid 30’s doesn’t like rice cakes. Grumpy Dad, late 30’s indifferent on rice cakes. Grumpy Teen, […]

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Review: Currys PC World Delivery Service

Currys PC World Review www.grumpymum.co.uk

I know I’m getting old because I get truly excited about things like buying new white goods, so today was a little like Christmas come early. After moving into our new house a few months ago it became apparent that the built in appliances left a lot to be desired. The fridge alternated between freezing and warming its content for reasons best known to itself, the freezer liked to randomly turn into an iceberg and the dishwasher didn’t! Time for a trip to Currys, but only because they are the only appliance and electrical specialist left on the high street. […]

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Review: Infacol baby wind, colic and griping pain syrup

Infacol Applicator

What is Infacol? Infacol is a syrup that helps babies burp out the air they swallow while feeding by forcing all the little air bubbles to combine into bigger bubbles which are easier to dislodge. It is available on the shelf and is suitable from birth. Review There are a few things that I wish I had known before becoming a first time mum and one of them is that Infacol is amazing. I wish someone had told me to buy a bucket load as it would have saved me and Grumpy Baby a lot of stress! Every one knows […]

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Review: 1byOne Home Humidifier

Night Light

What is the 1byOne home humidifier A humidifier is used to introduce a cool mist into the air. This is particularly useful in winter when central heating can dry out the air to an uncomfortable degree. About the 1byOne home humidifier The 1byOne humidifier comes in a compact box with everything you need and extensive instructions on how it should be used. The humidifier itself is a attractive teardrop shape and comes in 4 parts. The top “hat” section can be twisted to direct the vapor flow in any direction. The central section is a water tank which provides vapor […]

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Review: Lamaze Garden Bug Foot Finder and Wrist Rattle Baby Toy Set

Garden bugs packaging front

What is the Lamaze wrist rattle and foot finder baby toy set The Lamaze wrist rattles and foot finders are sensory toys designed to help your baby discover their hands and feet. About the Lamaze wrist rattle and foot finder baby toy set The Lamaze garden bug foot finder and wrist rattle set come in an attractive gift box. I really like how clear they’ve made the recommended age and how they’ve left the product to sell itself, as it made working out whether I wanted it very simple indeed. The set includes two wrist bands made in different colours […]

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Review: Munchkin Baby In-Sight Mega Mirror

Munchkin Mirror Packaging Front

What is the Baby In-sight Mega Mirror? Baby in car mirrors are handy contraptions that attach to the headrest of your car to enable you to see your baby in his or her rear facing car seat while you drive. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs but most are simple curved mirrors with a padded frame. About the Baby In-Sight Mega Mirror The Munchkin baby in-sight mirror sits in the middle of the price range for similar products. The packaging is simple and clean but not the best design. I feel it gives the product an […]

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Review: The Original GroBag baby sleeping bag

Close up of the Starlight and Apple fabric design.

About the original GroBag baby sleeping bag Despite the name we are not talking about bags of dirt to grow your tomatoes in. GroBags and other baby sleeping bags are an alternative to blankets for babies and small children. They are effectively little tiny sleeping bags which come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and designs but all share the feature of neck and arm holes. About the product Today I will be reviewing two GroBags from both ends of the price spectrum. Both are size 0-6 months, 2.5 Tog (suitable for temperatures of 16 to 20 degrees C) […]

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