5 Tips for drying clothes indoors

5 tips for drying clothes indoors

With summer finally on its way, most people are taking advantage of the warm weather and giving up their airers and tumble dryers in favour of the great outdoors. But what if you don’t have access to an outdoor space to peg out your pants?! After spending 8 years living in a one bed, third floor flat, I became painfully aware of the constant battle to dry clothes indoors without causing damp problems or the delightful “wet dog” smell that comes with slow drying clothes. However, my pain is your gain as I am now a indoor clothes drying pro […]

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Baby’s grand nursery tour

Baby's grand nursery tour

When you’re expecting your first baby, one of the most exciting jobs to look forward to is decorating the nursery. Nearly every expectant mum in my pregnancy group spent hours planning their baby’s first bedroom, pouring over paint, obsessing over furniture, and deliberating whether to buy the circus or the zoo themed accessories. My experience was slightly different. Although I could plan to my hearts content, I was unable to put any of my plans into action because we were also expecting to move just a couple of weeks before my due date. This less than perfect timing meant that […]

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Creating our cosy child friendly living room

Feature image for "Creating a cosy child friendly living room"

When we moved into our home back in 2016 we loved the layout and location, but we weren’t as keen on the cream carpets, pine laminate flooring, and wall to wall magnolia. So, ever since we have been waging a war against the bland décor. What I disliked about the living room When I think of a living room I think of somewhere cosy, where children and the occasional adult can comfortably play on the floor, a place which is warm and inviting, and somewhere that you can turn the lights down and watch a good movie. Our new living […]

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How to untangle Japanese knotweed from your house move

Japanese knotweed

There’s no doubt about it, moving home is stressful. There’s the mad dash to find your perfect home, the worry of getting a mortgage, the mountain of increasingly puzzling paperwork, and the nightmare of packing years of accumulated junk into a tiny van. The last thing you need while all this is going on is to discover that one little plant could call a halt to the proceedings. What is Japanese Knotweed? Japanese Knotweed is an invasive plant species which unsurprisingly came from Japan. The plant was brought to Europe in 1850’s as a curiosity and from there made its way […]

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Top tips for gardeners who can’t garden

Grumpy Mum Reviews: Tips for gardeners who can't garden, feature image

It’s the middle of winter and no one really wants to be thinking about gardening, but spring is just around the corner. Now is the time to get planning if (like me) you want to get your garden in order this summer. My gardening woes When Grumpy Dad and I bought our home in summer 2016 we were both excited about having a garden again after so long. We rushed out to buy a composter and started making plans to dig vegetable patches, install a path, and completely overhaul the front yard. Fast forward to today and the composter is […]

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Tips for a cosy children’s bedroom this winter

Tips for a cosy children's bedroom this winter

Winter has arrived and the weather is most definitely frightful, so it’s the perfect time to think about making your home cosy and snug for the winter. For most people this means throws on the sofa, heavy curtains at the windows, and the annual search for that draft that keeps wafting around your ankles. But while you’re seeing to the rest of the house, don’t forget your child’s room. There are plenty of simple ways to make your child’s room warm and snug this winter. Just check out these top tips to turn their room into the perfect cosy bolthole. […]

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Review: Make My Blinds – Online Store

Make My Blinds review feature image

Blinds can make a big difference to a room, whether as standalone window dressing or in conjunction with curtains, but getting the right blind can be hassle. If you buy them in a standard size you will be limited in design and may have to spend hours cutting them to size, whereas if you buy them from a bespoke blind fitter you may need to re-mortgage to pay the bill! For this review I’m testing out Make My Blinds, an online store selling made to measure blinds in a wide variety of styles and designs, which won’t break the bank. […]

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Review: Post Office Wi-Fi Squad

Review: Wi-Fi Squad

Technology is taking over our homes to a degree which makes it near impossible to get by without a good internet connection. But if you’re not tech savvy getting your internet service up and running to its full potential can be a challenge, this is where the Post Office Wi-Fi Squad can help. What is the Wi-Fi Squad? The Wi-Fi Squad comprise of a team of 500 broadband experts across the UK who can come to your home by appointment and spend up to an hour installing your router, optimising your connection, checking your security setting, setting up your network, […]

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Review: Post Office Broadband

Review: Post office broadband

When you think of the Post Office the image that probably comes to mind is the Post Office of old which was all about letters, parcels, and your grandma getting her pension, but the Post Office has changed. They now offer a dizzying array of products and services, one of which is broadband. But with so much competition in this sector, can the Post Office deliver something special? What’s on offer and value for money Like most modern families, mine are always connected to the internet. At any one time we can have Teen playing online games on his xBox, […]

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Review: Carpetright

Review: Carpetright

When we moved into our new home we quickly realised that every room in the house would need to be re-decorated. With Baby due in only a couple of weeks this wasn’t idea but there was one room that I really was looking forward to decorating, the nursery. We completed decorating the majority of the nursery in time for her first birthday, but I couldn’t stand having Baby play on the tatty 10 year old carpet, so it just had to go. Why I chose Carpetright Carpetright are the UK’s leading flooring provider and with stores absolutely everywhere, it’s hard […]

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