Review: The Sugar Free Cookbook + Giveaway

Review: The Sugar Free Family Cookbook

About the Sugar Free Family Cookbook The Sugar Free Family Cookbook is both a recipe book and a manual for going sugar free and contains an informative section on why going sugar free is healthy for your whole family and a vast collection of sugar free recipes for any and every occasion. My Review of the Sugar Free Family Cookbook The first I heard of the sugar free diet trend was when a friend informed me that she was doing it and had never felt better. I have to admit that I was more than a little sceptical about this. […]

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Review: InkRocket Mummy & Me Clothing + Giveaway

InkRocket Mummy & Me clothing review

About InkRocket InkRocket are an ethically and environmentally friendly clothing company selling unique designed t-shirts and sweatshirts for parents and children. My Review of InkRocket As I mentioned in my previous post about building a capsule wardrobe, high fashion is something of a mystery to me. I love clothes, but I’m most often found in jeans and a t-shirt, so when the opportunity arose to review InkRocket’s new line of coordinated “Mummy & Me” clothing I jumped at the chance. In My experience, matching parent and child outfits can be amazing, or they can be cheap and tacky. I had […]

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Review: Klipeasy multi-purpose clips + Giveaway

Klipeasy multipurpose clips review

About Klipeasy Klipeasy is a small robust clip with a strong spring mechanism. It is both washing machine and tumble dryer safe, has a flat head to prevent it damaging anything you clip and can easily be hung from a suction cup or small nail. My review of Klipeasy I wasn’t sure what to expect when I received my Klipeasy pack, after all, clothes pegs haven’t had a re-design for half a century for good reason and I wasn’t convinced they needed one now. However, Klipeasy is more than just a clothes peg. Klipeasy clips seem to be a hybrid, […]

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Review: Chimasu Subscription Box + Giveaway

Chimasu authentic Asian snack subscription box review

About Chimasu Subscription Chimasu is a subscription box bringing snacks from all across Asia right to your door. You can purchase  a subscription on a month by month basis or on a term of 3, 6, or 12 months to receive a discount. Each box is customisable allowing you to choose which type of snacks you would like to receive and all products are clearly marked in English with nutritional values and ingredients.   My Review of the Chimasu Subscription Box The fun thing about subscription boxes is that you never know what you’re going to get, every box is […]

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Fidget Spinner Giveaway

Fidget Spinner Giveaway

It’s been a while but England is once again in the grips of a craze. The last time this happened the toy of choice was loom bands, remember them? The tiny bands which appeared over night and were suddenly the must have pocket money toy. The first time Child turned up with some I actually thought they were quite cool… that was until I’d spent hours trying to make an incredibly complicated bracelet for her and found myself hoovering up more loom bands than I would have believed possible for months afterwards. In the end I was glad when that […]

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Review: Sew a Little Secret craft subscription + Giveaway

Sew a little secret craft subscription

About Sew a little secret Sew a little secret is a sewing craft subscription which includes all the instructions instructions, patterns, fabric and haberdashery you need to make one craft project per month. The subscription can be tailored to beginners or intermediate and ordered as a one off, monthly or six monthly subscription. My Review of Sew a little secret Pre-Baby I used to love crafts and sewing, but getting time to do anything crafty now is a major struggle. With free time rarer than gold dust, when I do get a moment to spend doing crafts I often spend […]

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Review: Infinity Crate Subscription + Giveaway

Infinity Crate Geek Gear Subscription Box Review

About Infinity Crate Subscription Service Infinity Crate is a monthly subscription service aimed at the “geek” market. They have a range of boxes including: Classic Crate – Guaranteeing 1 T-Shirt and 1 Pop Premium Crate – Guaranteeing 1 or perhaps 2 T-Shirts and Pops Kids Crate – Guaranteeing a T-Shirt T-Shirt Only Crate In this review we will be reviewing February 2017’s Classic Infinity Crate which promises to tailor the large items to your interests, while the smaller items follow the monthly theme. My Review of the Infinity Crate Subscription Service I have a confession… I am a geek. I’m […]

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Review: Dribble Stop Tops + Giveaway

Dribble Stop Top Baby clothes review

What are Dribble Stop Tops Dribble Stop Tops are baby vests made in sizes 0-24 months which have a inbuilt waterproof layer across the chest that has been designed to prevent dribble rash. All fabrics which lay against baby skin are 100% cotton, with 95% cotton trim. The pocket itself is cotton backed. The vests come in packs of 2, in blue and white, pink and white and just white. My review of Dribble Stop Tops I first heard about Dribble Stop Tops from a fellow blogger who had recently tried & loved them. I immediately thought they were a […]

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Review: Nuk Annabel Karmel food pots and spoons + Giveaway

Nuk Annabel Karmel spoon and pot review

About the Nuk Annabel Karmel stackable food pots and spoons The Nuk Annabel Karmel food pots come in a set of 6 including 3 different sizes, green is small, orange is medium, and purple is large. Each pot comes with a lid which can also be attached to the bottom of the pot to give it better stability. The pots are all marked with measurements to help you control portion size and are suitable for freezing, microwave and dishwasher safe. The Nuke Annabel Karmel spoons come in a set of 5 including 2 colours, orange and green. The spoon trough […]

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Review: Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Options Gift Set + Giveaway

Dr. Browns newborn gift set review and giveaway

About Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Options Gift Set The Dr. Brown’s deluxe gift set includes everything you will need to start bottle feeding your newborn. The pack contains a microwave steriliser and tongs, 3x 270ml bottles, 2x 150ml bottles, level 1 teats for all bottles, 2x level 2 teats, 2x level 3 teats, 2x travel caps, and bottle brushes. The bottles included are part of the Dr. Brown’s Options range which allow you to use the bottles with or without the anti-colic vents. My Review of the Dr. Brown’s Options Gift Set When Baby was born she had awful trouble with […]

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