Dummy hunting with Baby Wings

Baby Wings dummy clips featured image

Your baby is the most wonderful creature in the world, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be challenging at times. From the moment the midwife plops them into your arms, they begin their mission to poop their own weight every day, eat you out of house and home, and deprive you of sleep until you barely know your own name, let alone why you walked into the kitchen. As mums, we use any tool at our disposal to make our 24/7 job just that little bit easier, and although I was hesitant at first, I eventually found that a simple […]

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Review: My Memories Baby & Toddler Cards

Review: My Memories baby and toddler cards

Baby cards have experienced a surge of popularity in recent years, with parents everywhere proudly posting pictures of their baby next to brightly coloured cards emblazoned with declarations such as “1 month old” or “Babys first tooth”. But with so many baby card packs out there, the question is why would you choose My Memories cards? About My Memories Cards There’s no denying that My Memories cards are well designed and packaged. Each set of 30 cards comes in its own keepsake box with a magnetically sealed lid. This is a lovely touch as it means that you will be […]

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Review: Baby Wings Bibs + Giveaway

Review: Baby Wings Bibs

I’m a big fan of Baby Wings dummy clips and have raved about them on several occasions, but now Baby Wings have moved into the mucky world of baby bibs and the question is, do their bibs live up to the same high standards? Read my review of Baby Wings dummy clips About the bibs Baby Wings silicone bibs come in a pack of two including a blue bib decorated with the Baby Wings duck and a green bib decorated with a cartoon alien. The bibs are flexible and wipe clean, with a large food pocket and a button style […]

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Review: The Cheeky Elf + Giveaway

Review: The Cheeky Elf

With Christmas just around the corner I’m starting to get excited about all the Christmas fun I can get up to with Baby this year. She’s still young but it’s never too early to start Christmas Traditions, so when the opportunity arose to review a Cheeky Elf starter kit I really couldn’t wait. About the elf tradition Back in the 2000’s the elf tradition was born. Suddenly households were buying their children unassuming toy elves which would magically (or through the hard work and planning of many a devious parent) come to life at night and get into all sorts […]

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Bepanthen Giveaway: Win a Bepanthen Baby Gift Box Including a £50 JoJo Maman Bebe Voucher

Bepanthen nappy cream

A year in nappies With Baby now past the big 1, I’ve been thinking back on how much she has changed in such a short time. There are so many little things that she has learned, like putting her dummy in herself, handing over a toy when asked, and waving. Then there are the big things like learning to roll over and crawl. No matter how small the achievement is I always celebrate it as if she won gold in the Olympics! But I have to be honest, her increasing mobility has caused all sorts of havoc in the nappy […]

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Review: Silly Billyz Bibs+ Giveaway

Review: Silly Billyz Bibs

About Silly Billyz Silly Billyz is an online retailer specialising in a wide variety of bibs but also selling related baby products such as hooded towels, bath robes, stroller liners, and blankets. For the purpose of this review I will be reviewing the Red Heart Towel Bib, which currently retails at £5.95. My Review of Silly Billyz Bib Since Baby started weaning over 6 months ago, I have been fighting a losing battle to keep her clothes clean. It should be so easy, use a bib and the clothes stay clean. Unfortunately, this has not been my experience. Although I […]

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Win £30 to spend at Party Bags and Supplies

After the excitement of Baby’s first birthday, things are finally getting back to normal in the grumpy household. The decorations have now been taken down, the balloons are quietly letting themselves down in a corner, and the birthday cards will soon be packed up in a keepsake box, along with all the other knickknacks and bits and bobs that I’ve been squirrelling away as memorabilia from Baby’s childhood. I imagine that by the time I’m finished I’ll have enough junk to fill a museum so she had better do something to become famous! Having never been involved in the running […]

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Review: Peachy Packages + Giveaway

Review: Peachy Packages

About Peachy Packages Peachy Packages is a subscription box designed to encourage you to take some “me” time. Each box is full of beautiful stationery, chocolate, a drink, and an assortment of relevant goodies. All of which are delivered to your door once a month. You can purchase a one off box, 3 month subscription, or 6 month subscription. Alternatively, if you don’t like surprises, you can purchase previous boxes, or a little peachy package which contains highlights from previous boxes at lower price point. For the purpose of this review I have been given June’s Peachy Package, which contained: […]

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Review: Mini Me Gift Box Shop + Giveaway

Review: Mini Me Gift Box Shop

About the Mini Me Gift Box Shop The Mini Me Gift Box Shop is an online retail outlet specialising in gift boxes for newborn babies. Gift boxes range in price from as little as £30 to £70 and each gift box contains a number of items such as muslins, clothes, toys, and skin care, making them the perfect gift for baby showers. For the purpose of this review I have been provided with one baby girl gift box containing: A pair of baby booties; A cotton muslin square; A cotton and bamboo swaddle; 2 bibs; A wooden keepsake; A bar […]

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5 Alternative uses for Dummy Clips + Baby Wings Giveaway

5 Alternative Uses For Dummy Clips

If you had said the words “dummy clip” to me before I had Baby I would have stared at you blankly but now I can’t walk across a room without passing at least three of them! I love dummy clips as they are so handy and not just for preventing Baby’s dummy from disappearing to the same place as all of her left socks. I often find myself using them to clip, tie, and attach things that are way outside of the usual dummy clip remit and although I’ve tried lots of different clips, my favourites are still Baby Wings. […]

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