My Birth Story

Grumpy Mum's Birth Story

The day I found out I was pregnant was one of the best of my life. We hadn’t been trying long but as I was the ripe old age of 34 I had worried that we might struggle. I must have used 30 tests in the weeks after finding out, just to make sure… Then the morning sickness started and I no longer needed a little strip of paper to convince me I was pregnant. Apart from severe morning sickness, my first trimester passes without distinction and soon it was time for my 12 week scan. I was both nervous […]

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How do children improve your life?

How do children improve your life

A few days ago Grumpy Dad came home from work looking quite confused and asked me how I would explain to someone who neither had nor wanted children, how children improve your life. I opened my mouth to answer and immediately realised that there is no simple way to do this. It’s easy to see why someone with no desire for children would struggle to see how they improve your life. After all, even if you manage to keep some semblance of your old life after having children the likely-hood is that you will have less disposable income, you will […]

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Petition Appeal for Joshua

Appeal to readers to sign a petition changing the birth and death registration act

This is an appeal to all of my readers to please consider signing a petition to amend the Births & Deaths registration act 1953. The petition, which needs 10,000 signatures to be discussed in parliament, was started by Lucy Black after she tragically lost her twins at 21 weeks. At present, a birth is only recorded if it results in a stillbirth (after 24 weeks), neonatal death or live birth. When I first received this petition I thought that sounded reasonable, but then I read Lucy’s heart breaking story. The law as it stands may be reasonable and practical but […]

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The Essential Guide to Changing a Nappy

The Essential Guide to Changing your Newborn Baby's Nappy

I’ve been reviewing lots of nappy changing bits and bobs recently and it’s got me thinking about my experience dealing with nappy changes compared with the instructions I received from books and classes before Baby was born. Needless to say the real deal is much different from the expectation so I decided that I would write a realistic guide to changing your shiny new baby’s slightly less shiny rear end. Disclaimer: This guide is based on changing a girls nappy, if you are changing a boy I suggest the addition of a rain hood or poncho as an extra precaution. […]

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Review: Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment

Bepanthen nappy cream

About Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment Bepanthen is a nappy cream which can be used at every nappy change to help keep your baby’s skin moisurised and free from nappy rash. It contains no fragrances, preservatives, colours or antiseptics and prides itself on being gentle enough to use on highly sensitive or premature baby skin. Bapanthen comes in tubes of 30g, 50g or 100g. My review of Bapanthen Nappy Care Ointment If you have a baby then then likelihood is that you spend a lot of time worrying about what’s going in, and inevitably, coming out of them. As a result […]

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Looking back at 6 months with Grumpy Baby

A look back at 6 months with Grumpy Baby

So, it’s been 6 months since a small, damp Grumpy Baby was unceremoniously dumped onto my chest, where she lay looking rather confused. In those first few hours I think it’s fair to say that I was also confused most of the time, confused and scared. I had no real clue how to feed, burp or change her and I was scared of hurting her when I changed her clothes. I had to beg the night staff at the hospital to show me how to do everything and I was constantly worried that she was spitting up too much, sleeping […]

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Review: Sudocrem Care & Protect

Sudocrem care and protect nappy cream review

About Sudocrem Care & Protect Sudocrem Care & Protect is a nappy cream to be used at every change. The cream provides a barrier layer on your babies skin which helps prevents rubbing, nappy rash and infection. This particular nappy cream advertises triple protection in the form of a protective barrier, skin conditioning and a guard against infection. My review of Sudocrem Care & Protect You can’t be a parent without being very familiar with the constant battle of nappy changing and with it the job of slathering various creams and ointments on your baby’s nether regions! Since having Baby […]

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Fed is best – Why I chose to bottle feed my baby over breast feeding

Why I chose bottle feeding over breast feeding

“You don’t know her circumstances, maybe she couldn’t breast feed” “Maybe she can’t breast feed for medical reasons” “Some women just can’t breast feed” “You should have breast fed, then you wouldn’t have to carry so much stuff”   These are all things that have been said to me or about me over the past 5 months since Baby was born. You see, I chose to bottle feed from Birth. Yes, you read that right, I chose to bottle feed. There were no extenuating circumstances, I didn’t fail at breast feeding and my boobs work just fine, thanks for asking. […]

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10 things I did differently than planned with Baby

10 things I did differently than planed with Baby

Back before Grumpy Baby entered the world I had some very definite ideas about how I would raise her and what I would and wouldn’t do. I’d read all the books and thought I knew everything! Once Baby arrived I like many, many mums before me, had to learn that the reality of having a baby is very different from the black and white teachings of the baby books. So here are a few of the things that I have done completely differently than planned. 1.Dummys Before Baby was born: I’ve written an entire post on this HERE, but in […]

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