25 Sketches Challenge: Sketch 2

Sketching Challenge sketch 2 Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in Star Wars

It’s time for sketch 2 in my 25 sketch challenge. I have to admit that I wasn’t very happy with my first sketch, I knew that it was no where near what I was capable of so before I started sketch 2 I spent some time watching others sketching on YouTube, just to remind myself of a few of the techniques that I had obviously forgotten. As a result sketch 2 looks like it was done by a different person! This time I chose Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in Star Wars as my subject. I’m a big Star Wars […]

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52lb in 52 Weeks weight loss challenge – Oops!

Weight Loss Diary

Cast your minds back to the beginning of the year when I started my 52lb in 52 weeks challenge. I was so full of enthusiasm and so sure that, as I had done something similar before, I would be able to do it again. Well, coming back to the present I would love to tell you that it had worked, that I am on target and will soon be a new thinner me… Hell, I’d even like to be able to tell you that I had fallen off the wagon, but for that to have happened I would have had […]

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Laundry solutions with Laundrapp

Laundrapp laundry service

I’ve always struggled with the whole Domestic Goddess thing. I’m not very good at cleaning, hoovering happens when the dust bunnies start to form rival tribes, and if it wasn’t for the dishwasher we would probably be eating off of paper plates! Sadly my skills at handling the laundry are no improvement on this. The washing tends to get done when someone runs out of clothes, and even then it is no guarantee that said wash will result in clean clothes as they sometimes end up in what I like to think of as a groundhog cycle, where I put […]

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Review: Profit Accumulator for Matched Betting

How to top up your maternity pay with matched betting

What is Profit Accumulator Profit Accumulator is a on-line service which teaches you how to matched bet, finds matched betting opportunities for you and provides you with all the tools and calculators you will need to take advantage of them. My Review of Profit Accumulator I recently wrote about my experience using matched betting to top up my maternity leave by a substantial amount, but when I decided to give matched betting a go I never dreamed that I would make so much. In all honestly I thought that matched betting was probably some sort of scam but after reading […]

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Petition Appeal for Joshua

Appeal to readers to sign a petition changing the birth and death registration act

This is an appeal to all of my readers to please consider signing a petition to amend the Births & Deaths registration act 1953. The petition, which needs 10,000 signatures to be discussed in parliament, was started by Lucy Black after she tragically lost her twins at 21 weeks. At present, a birth is only recorded if it results in a stillbirth (after 24 weeks), neonatal death or live birth. When I first received this petition I thought that sounded reasonable, but then I read Lucy’s heart breaking story. The law as it stands may be reasonable and practical but […]

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25 Sketches Art Challenge, Sketch 1

25 sketches art challenge

Now that baby is nearly 8 months old I’ve found that I no longer need to watch her like a hawk 24/7, instead I can sit back, relax, and watch her like the crazy, obsessive woman that I am. As a result, a few of my pre-pregnancy hobbies have been making a re-appearance in my life. I’ve started playing the piano (very badly) again, I’ve been thinking about completing a couch to 5k on my much neglected running machine… although thinking is as far as I’ve got! and I’ve also decided to start drawing again. Back in the day I […]

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Review: Bidvine the easy way to find services and trades

Finding a Piano teacher in Swindon with Bidvine

What is Bidvine Bidvine is an online resource for finding services of every kind, from cleaners, to tradesmen, to music teachers. The service works by making your job request available to service providers, giving them the opportunity to contact you with a quote via Bidvine. Bidvine is free to customers requesting a quote. My Review of Bidvine One of my biggest pet hates is trying to find services providers and tradesmen. The internet seems to be a minefield of unreliable or disreputable companies and navigating it is a time consuming and frustrating endeavor. In the past few years I’ve had […]

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Recipe: Death by Chocolate Cake

Death by chocolate cake recipe

Pretty much everyone has one crowd pleasing recipe that always goes down well. For me it’s my far too chocolaty chocolate cake and as an Easter treat I’m going to share this recipe with you. I started making this chocolate cake about 3 years ago, and since then I’ve made a few adjustments to the recipe to create a seriously light and fluffy cake that will can make even a devoted chocoholic like myself wonder if maybe they over did the chocolate just a smidgen. Cake Ingredients 250g Milk or dark chocolate, both work well. 170g Salted butter. 350g Light […]

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Review: WaterWipes baby wet wipes

WaterWipes baby wet wipes review

About WaterWipes WaterWipes are a chemical free wet wipe which uses only water and a drop of fruit extract. The lack of chamicals means that they are considered safe to use from birth by most and may help prevent skin conditions such as nappy rash. My review of WaterWipes It’s fair to say that most first time parents have no idea how much having a tiny human will change them and their lives. The impact of bringing a life into the world is massive but one of the biggest surprises has to be exactly how much time you suddenly spend […]

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How to top up your maternity pay with Matched Betting

How to top up your maternity pay with matched betting

Following on from my Frugal February post I was going to write Money Saving March but as it turns out March has been the month of Matched Betting. As a result I’ve decided that instead of writing about how I’ve done this month, I’m going to write about how anybody can substantially top up their maternity pay with very little effort, through matched betting. I cam across Matched Betting years ago when I read some posts on money saving forums about people making silly amounts of money for very little effort. If I’m honest, I didn’t believe it. There’s always […]

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