What’s in Baby’s 2017 Christmas stocking?

What's in Baby's Christmas stocking 2017 feature image

With just a few days left before Christmas day, I’ve been busy packing up Baby’s oversized Christmas stocking. Last year Baby was only 4 months old and tiny enough that she could have been squeezed into her stocking along with her gifts. She’s grown a lot since then and even if she hadn’t, there’s no chance that she would fit in amongst the huge haul of stocking stuffers she has this year! Related Post: Christmas gift guide for 1 year olds What’s in Baby’s stocking? Christmas Micky and Minnie Mouse Hallmark Itty Bitty’s I rarely buy Baby cuddly toys because […]

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How to untangle Japanese knotweed from your house move

Japanese knotweed

There’s no doubt about it, moving home is stressful. There’s the mad dash to find your perfect home, the worry of getting a mortgage, the mountain of increasingly puzzling paperwork, and the nightmare of packing years of accumulated junk into a tiny van. The last thing you need while all this is going on is to discover that one little plant could call a halt to the proceedings. What is Japanese Knotweed? Japanese Knotweed is an invasive plant species which unsurprisingly came from Japan. The plant was brought to Europe in 1850’s as a curiosity and from there made its way […]

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Top tips for gardeners who can’t garden

Grumpy Mum Reviews: Tips for gardeners who can't garden, feature image

It’s the middle of winter and no one really wants to be thinking about gardening, but spring is just around the corner. Now is the time to get planning if (like me) you want to get your garden in order this summer. My gardening woes When Grumpy Dad and I bought our home in summer 2016 we were both excited about having a garden again after so long. We rushed out to buy a composter and started making plans to dig vegetable patches, install a path, and completely overhaul the front yard. Fast forward to today and the composter is […]

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Tips for a cosy children’s bedroom this winter

Tips for a cosy children's bedroom this winter

Winter has arrived and the weather is most definitely frightful, so it’s the perfect time to think about making your home cosy and snug for the winter. For most people this means throws on the sofa, heavy curtains at the windows, and the annual search for that draft that keeps wafting around your ankles. But while you’re seeing to the rest of the house, don’t forget your child’s room. There are plenty of simple ways to make your child’s room warm and snug this winter. Just check out these top tips to turn their room into the perfect cosy bolthole. […]

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5 of the best UK snorkelling destinations for your family holiday

5 of the best UK snorkelling locations for your holiday

The family trip to the beach is a British institution but let’s face it, in a world where children are constantly using phones, tablets, and games consoles, it can be a struggle to get them enthused about sitting on a beach with none of these things. To combat the declarations of “I’m bored”, why not make the British seaside exciting again by ditching the bucket and spade and putting on some flippers. Seahorses, seals, basking sharks, starfish and all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures can be found just off the British coastline if you know where to look.   […]

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Choosing the right car seat to keep your baby safe

Choosing the right car seat, featured image

**This is a sponsored post There’s nothing in the world as strong as the protective instinct of a parent for their Baby. It’s hard not to want to wrap them in cotton wool and keep them safe 100% of the time but usually that’s just not an option. Children need to experience the world and getting the occasional “boop” along the way is just part of the trial and error of learning. That being said, the one place you do want to ensure your baby is as protected is possible is within the car. According to the Department of Transport there […]

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Review: My Memories Baby & Toddler Cards

Review: My Memories baby and toddler cards

Baby cards have experienced a surge of popularity in recent years, with parents everywhere proudly posting pictures of their baby next to brightly coloured cards emblazoned with declarations such as “1 month old” or “Babys first tooth”. But with so many baby card packs out there, the question is why would you choose My Memories cards? About My Memories Cards There’s no denying that My Memories cards are well designed and packaged. Each set of 30 cards comes in its own keepsake box with a magnetically sealed lid. This is a lovely touch as it means that you will be […]

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What does your winter coat say about you?

What does your winter coat say about you?

We’re now in the depth of winter, when even the most weather hardened of folk are donning their hats and scarves and shrugging into a winter coat. But, with the a seemingly endless array of designs to choose from, how do you settle on just one coat style to keep you warm all winter long? It’s my belief that you winter coat choice says a lot about who you are, and that the cut can give clues to whether you are outgoing, or introvert, young enough not to care or old enough to know better. So here is my (tongue […]

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Review: Make My Blinds – Online Store

Make My Blinds review feature image

Blinds can make a big difference to a room, whether as standalone window dressing or in conjunction with curtains, but getting the right blind can be hassle. If you buy them in a standard size you will be limited in design and may have to spend hours cutting them to size, whereas if you buy them from a bespoke blind fitter you may need to re-mortgage to pay the bill! For this review I’m testing out Make My Blinds, an online store selling made to measure blinds in a wide variety of styles and designs, which won’t break the bank. […]

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Is it time to switch to wooden toys?

Is it time to switch to wooden toys? Feature Image

As a mum I spend half my life looking at, buying, playing with, and tidying up, toys! My living room looks like a toy shop exploded in it, and I can’t remember the last time I was able to walk across a room without having to dance around brightly coloured doodads that might burst into song at any moment. But with recent studies highlighting the shocking amount of waste plastic in our environment and even our drinking water, it’s hard not to look at all of Baby’s plastic toys and wonder if they are worth the environmental cost. Until the […]

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