Dummy hunting with Baby Wings

Baby Wings dummy clips featured image

Your baby is the most wonderful creature in the world, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be challenging at times. From the moment the midwife plops them into your arms, they begin their mission to poop their own weight every day, eat you out of house and home, and deprive you of sleep until you barely know your own name, let alone why you walked into the kitchen. As mums, we use any tool at our disposal to make our 24/7 job just that little bit easier, and although I was hesitant at first, I eventually found that a simple […]

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Review: Rookie Retro V2 Roller Boots

Rookie Retro V2 Roller Boot Feature Image

If you’re a child of the 80’s you probably owned a pair of roller boots. Mine were a snazzy black pair with fluorescent panels and wheels. I’d spend hours zipping up and down the path behind my house until my legs hurt from bumping along the uneven pavement. 30 years later, both my skill and stamina have abandoned me, but that didn’t stop me from strapping a new pair of Rookie Retro V2 roller skates to my feet and stumbling outside to see if I’ve still got got it… About the Rookie Retro V2 Roller Boots The Rookie range of […]

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Slimming World week 3: Peaks and troughs

Slimming World week 3 feature image

With any diet you can expect good days and bad and this week has had both. At the beginning of the week I was excited. I’d tried on a pair of my small size 18 trousers and they fit perfectly. This was a good sign that I would soon be in a size 16. I had also started to feel less hungry, as if my body had adapted to the change in diet from processed food and sweets, to fresh food and fruit. Unfortunately the weekend was a turning point. Child wanted to go to McDonald’s, so I reluctantly decided […]

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Slimming World Week 2: No flip flops for me!

Slimming World Week 2 Feature Image

After my successful loss of 3.5lbs last week I was unexpectedly subdued. I still don’t really understand why. After all, I should have been over the moon with the result. Still, despite my mood I settled down to another week on Slimming World. Week 2 This week was far easier in many ways as I already knew which of my favourite foods were free and the Syn counts for my favourite pointed foods. I’ve found that I’m eating bucket loads of fruit and yogurt, and filling myself up on jacket potatoes and baked beans. Bacon and eggs for breakfast is […]

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5 Ways to stay safe while driving this holiday season

5 Ways to stay safe while driving this holiday season

The summer holidays are on the horizon and in a few short weeks thousands of people will packing everything but the kitchen sink into their cars and heading off to the coast. But with so many precious (if occasionally noisy and smelly) things in your car, it’s worth taking a few minutes to consider how you can protect your family during your journey. Below is 5 of the most common causes of traffic accidents and how to avoid them. 1 Don’t drive tired It won’t be a surprise to hear that one of the leading causes of traffic accidents is […]

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5 Tips for drying clothes indoors

5 tips for drying clothes indoors

With summer finally on its way, most people are taking advantage of the warm weather and giving up their airers and tumble dryers in favour of the great outdoors. But what if you don’t have access to an outdoor space to peg out your pants?! After spending 8 years living in a one bed, third floor flat, I became painfully aware of the constant battle to dry clothes indoors without causing damp problems or the delightful “wet dog” smell that comes with slow drying clothes. However, my pain is your gain as I am now a indoor clothes drying pro […]

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5 Hair removal methods to try this summer

Hair removal feature image

Summer is on the way and as jeans and jumpers start to give way to skirts and strappy tops, it’s time to get into a pruning routine again. When I was younger, getting rid of unwanted hair seemed much easier, but one of the numerous side effects of getting old, is an increase in the quantity of unwanted hair sprouting up all over the place. So, if like me you are taking up arms (or razors) against your furry legs, and battling under arm fluff, here is a rundown of some the most popular hair removing products and treatments available […]

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January 2018 Life Goal Update

2018 Grumpy Mum Life Goals Feature Image

Well, we’re a month into the new year so it’s time for the first of my life goals updates. Overall the month hasn’t gone too badly. January is always a bit of an up and down month in my book. There’s the initial excitement of the new year, followed by the let down of realising that nothing has changed except a number, followed by the rallying cry of “Oh well, best get on with it then…” Fitting into my wedding dress One of the things that hasn’t changed this year is that I’m rubbish at dieting… I mean, really bad. […]

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5 unusual beauty treatments that really exsist

5 Unusual beauty treatments that really exist

Men and women have always been willing to do some very strange things to make themselves more attractive. From poking your face with needles to pouring wax on your body and ripping it off, hair and all. You have to wonder who came up with these treatments and how drunk the first person who agreed to undergo them was. Spurred on by celebrity endorsements, social media, and the hunt for the fountain of youth… or at least the leaky faucet of wrinkle banishment… The general public have become increasingly willing to try absolutely anything that promises to lift, firm, or […]

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Baby’s grand nursery tour

Baby's grand nursery tour

When you’re expecting your first baby, one of the most exciting jobs to look forward to is decorating the nursery. Nearly every expectant mum in my pregnancy group spent hours planning their baby’s first bedroom, pouring over paint, obsessing over furniture, and deliberating whether to buy the circus or the zoo themed accessories. My experience was slightly different. Although I could plan to my hearts content, I was unable to put any of my plans into action because we were also expecting to move just a couple of weeks before my due date. This less than perfect timing meant that […]

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