Solving Clothes Woes with a Capsule Wardrobe

Solving Clothes Woes with a Capsule Wardrobe

I don’t usually write about fashion because it’s not something I’ve ever been particularly interested in. It’s not that I don’t like clothes, I do, it’s just that I’m the wrong body shape and size for the clothes I love, and that has never been as true as it is now.

There are so many wonderful things about being a mum. Seeing Baby grow and learn, the unconditional love, the feeling of purpose… Unfortunately, the effect pregnancy has had on my body has not been one of those things. Sure, I prepared myself to put on weight and lose a lot of body tone, and I realised long before I had Baby that despite what movies and film stars would have me believe my body was not going to ping back to its pre-pregnancy shape a week after my daughter was born. But the fact is that I’m now a good 2 sizes bigger than I was before I was pregnant (and I needed to lose weight even then!) and I now have no clothes to speak of.

My situation is becoming desperate. I’m down to a couple of pairs of jeans, a hand full of tops, and a few maternity things which are now falling apart with wear. I live in dread of having to go anywhere more exciting than the supermarket as quite frankly I look a mess! But as much as I’m fed up of having nothing to wear, I also don’t want to buy lots of clothes while I’m actively trying to lose weight. Being stuck between the rock of having nothing to wear and the hard place of not wanting to spend a lot of money has resulted in me spending a ridicules amount of time the past few days Googling for advice on how to be reasonably fashionable with practically no clothes. I didn’t expect to find an answer to this dilemma but surprisingly I have!

Solving Clothes Woes with a Capsule Wardrobe

The term “capsule wardrobe” became popular in the 1980’s but has recently risen in popularity again. The idea was that fashion lovers could declutter by reducing their wardrobe to 30 or 40 versatile items that they would wear all the time, as opposed to 372 items that are hardly ever worn or sit at the back of your closet with the tags still attached. Although the idea of a capsule wardrobe was aimed at reducing the amount of clothes you own, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that you can also use the same steps to build an efficient wardrobe of clothes from scratch.

There are no hard and fast rules to creating a capsule wardrobe but most people agree that you start by working out what core items of clothing you need. These should be uniforms, gym clothes, night wear etc. Pretty much anything that you really need. Once you’ve counted all your boring work clothes and whittled your gym clothes down to just the ones you could bare to wear in public, you can move on to planning the fun part of your wardrobe. The trick here is to use items that you can mix and match and will definitely wear. For example, a good pair of black jeans can be casual with a t-shirt and trainers or smart with a pretty top and boots.

Although learning about capsule wardrobes haven’t solved my problem entirely, I now know how to plan my wardrobe so that I will be able to look smart without spending a fortune on new clothes which may be to big in a couple of months time. With luck I should be able to keep my wardrobe down to a rather lean 25 items and by shopping in the sales I should be able to keep the costs down even further!

My new capsule wardrobe is still a work in progress but below is an outline of what it will contain once finished.

Core Items
0 Items. I’m able to go without these as I don’t need a uniform, I’m not a fan of sleep wear, and if I went to the gym I wouldn’t be in this mess to begin with!

Solving Clothes Woes with a Capsule Wardrobe

12 Items. I’m a jeans and t-shirts kind of girl so I will be splitting this into 1 smart shirt (just in case), 1 casual shirt, 2 smart tops, and 8 assorted t-shirts.

Solving Clothes Woes with a Capsule Wardrobe

5 Items. I mostly live in jeans, so this will be split into 2 pairs of blue jeans, 1 pair of smart black jeans, 1 pair smart grey jeans, and 1 denim skirt.

Solving Clothes Woes with a Capsule Wardrobe

2 Items. On the rare occasion that we have a heat wave I do like to have a dress or two up my sleeve, so my wardrobe will include 2 summer dresses.

Solving Clothes Woes with a Capsule Wardrobe

2 Items. By the time autumn arrives I’m hoping to have dropped a dress size. But as I tend to feel the cold, I’m allowing myself 1 coat and 1 hoody.

4 Items. Shoes are rather typically the one item of clothing that I do have in abundance despite the fact I hardly ever wear anything but trainers! In an effort to cover all my bases I will be adding a good selection of shoes to my capsule wardrobe. I will be including, 1 pair of trainers, 1 good pair of black ankle boots which go with everything, 1 pair of nude heels which also go with most things, and 1 pair of strappy sandals.

Have you tried living with a capsule wardrobe? How did it go, and did it work for you?

Following pregnancy I thought I'd be back in my normal clothes within 6 months. What a fool I was! 10 months later and I'm no where near my old size and fast running out of clothes. Find out how I built a new capsule wardrobe to solve my clothes woes without spending a fortune!


**via love the sales all opinions and text are my own


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