Review: Bubble Club Sparkling Wine Subscription

Review of Bubble Club wine subscription

About Bubble Club

Bubble club is a monthly or bi-monthly sparkling wine subscription box which includes two high quality bottles of bubbly, a selection of luxury treats and a club magazine.

My Review of Bubble Club

If like me you’ve dropped the ball on Mothers Day this year, you’ve come to the right place!

Unlike many of the mum’s I see on Facebook and Twitter lamenting the fact that it’s too early for wine, I can usually take it or leave it. The one exception is a good bottle of sparkling wine, so I was more than happy to take one for the team and review Bubble Club.

Review of Bubble Club wine subscription

Sadly my first experience on receiving the box was awful. The fabulous bottles of wine were cocooned in some of the most impressive bubble wrap I’ve ever seen and unfortunately as Baby was asleep I couldn’t pop it! Instead I was left having a tug of war with the bottles which showed no intention of vacating their snug packaging. Eventually, through sheer desperation for wine I did manage to remove them without waking the baby and was rewarded by two rather posh and looking bottles. I may joke at my rather comical tug of war but I was really impressed with the lengths to which Bubble Club go to to protect their bottles. I’ve received more than my fair share of alcohol through the post (I’m not an alcoholic, honest) but I’ve never received anything as carefully wrapped before.

Review of Bubble Club wine subscription

Bubble club promise a selection of treats to compliment their wine and in my case these treats comprised of some luxury popcorn, Divine chocolate and some “posh pop”, all of which looked amazing. In fact it was torture leaving them alone until I had finished photographing everything, particularly as Divine is one of my favorite chocolate brands. I have to admit to spending Baby’s afternoon nap polishing off the lot instead of having lunch.

The final item in the box was the club magazine which featured articles about the wine in the box along with other articles following this months theme of women in wine. Although I can’t imagine wanting to share a bottle of bubbly, if you are a sociable sort, you can amaze your friends with your wine knowledge to distract them from wanting a refill.

Review of Bubble Club wine subscription

I was really impressed with the attention to detail, presentation and concept of Bubble Club, but that was nothing compared with how impressed I was with their customer service. Unfortunately, in the March box a tiny percentage of the bottles of sparkling wine were a little over feisty and although they were perfectly drinkable, when the cork was popped the resulting spray wouldn’t have looked out of place on a formula one podium! Many companies would have accepted this and dealt with the small number of complaints individually, not Bubble club. As soon as they became aware of the issue they not only sent out an email warning their customers of the possible soaking, but promising that they would ship a replacement bottle and complimentary treat as quickly as possible. If you read my blog often you’ll know how enthusiastic I am about good service and this quick action to ensure no further customers would be disappointed is exactly the kind of excellent service I love to see.

I’ve tried many subscription boxes over the past few months but Bubble club is hands down the most luxurious and really was a treat. The service was second to none and the product easily lived up to expectations. Whether you order the box as a gift or for yourself I really couldn’t imagine anyone being disappointed.

To learn more about Bubble Club or try it for yourself visit the Bubble Club Website.

Bubble Club is a sparkeling wine subscription box which promisses bubbly wine and luxury treats. In this review find out what I thought of their product and customer service.


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