Blogging New Years Resolutions

Blogging and weight loss new years resolutions

Some people hate new years resolutions, seeing them as a way to set yourself up for failure. I on the other hand, love them! The new year is a brilliant time to wipe the slate clean and draw a line under everything that you have done, before turning to the future and considering what you might achieve.

Blogging and weight loss new years resolutions

In the past, I’ve done some wonderful things, because I set new years resolutions. I’ve lost over 3 stone in weigh, gone from being an exercise phobe to a gym bunny (but without the matching gym gear and inappropriate earrings), taken lessons in aerial trapeze, learned to climb a rope (I was always so frustrated that I couldn’t do this) and taken a course in archeology.

In my view the best recipe for success with a new year resolution is:

  1. Make sure that your resolution is something you really want to do. If it’s something that you will need to force yourself to so then you will give up at the first hurdle.
  2. Make it achievable. When I took trapeze lessons I was very unfit and had never been very athletic, so if I had made my resolution to become a performing trapeze artist by the end of the year I would have failed. Instead I made my resolution to take a course in aerial trapeze, at the end of which I wanted to be able to at least do a couple of tricks. Sadly I had a car accident before the course was completed and was unable to continue, but just before my car accident my trainer came up to me to say that although I wasn’t as good as many of the others, I was the one who had shown the most progress and that she respected that I never gave up, no matter how frustrated I was with my own physical ability. That was good enough for me to feel like I had really achieved something.
  3. Take action. If you say you wan to run a marathon and then don’t train, you will never run the marathon. Once you’ve decided to set a resolution you need to strike while the irons hot and do something to cement your resolve. Sticking with the marathon analogy, you could sign up for a running club or put in your application early. That way, you have done something which both physically and psychologically ties you to your goal.
  4. Don’t try to do too much. If you are trying to achieve 10 things at once you will struggle to give each the attention and dedication they require in order for you to achieve them. It is best to set no more than 3, or just one if it’s something big.

This year, my resolutions are all about my blog. I would love to grow my blog massively in the new year, raising its profile and domain authority. However, this is a massive undertaking so I have broken it down into 3 small resolutions.

  1. I resolve to post at least 5 times a week. I did consider trying to post every day, but at the weekends I have less time for writing so I will aim for 5 and if I manage more, it will be a bonus!
  2. I will take part in at least 2 linkys per week. This will help me to network with other bloggers and hopefully raise my DA a little.
  3. I will write a new blog series called 52lb in 52 weeks. This is a crossover with my non-blogging life. Since having Baby I have grown two dress sizes! I need to get this under control if I ever want to see my pre-pregnancy cloths again and what better way to keep myself on track than to announce my success or failure to the world.

Following my own advice, I have now placed into my calendar a reminder to write a blog post every day, I’m making a list of links so that I have a selection to choose from on whichever days I have time to take part and I will be signing up to Slimming world ready for 1st January.

So, are you setting new year resolutions? blogging or personal, I’d love to hear about them.

Also, if your involved with a linky I would love to hear about it. Please feel free to post a link to it in the comments below.




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