12 things I’ve learnt in 12 months, A First Birthday Post

12 things I learnt in 12 months, A first birthday post

This weekend was Baby’s first birthday, I honestly can’t believe it! It seems like only a couple of weeks ago that she was a tiny squishy baby, and now she’s a larger, squishy, fast moving baby!

People always tell you that the time goes so fast, but you never believe them until you find yourself saying the same thing. For me it seems particularly crazy as Baby has gone from not being able to crawl at all, to super crawling in the last week before her birthday and now she’s tentatively trying to pull herself up already!

12 things I learnt in 12 months, A first birthday post

We decided that for her first birthday party we would keep it small and intimate. Mostly immediate family but as we knew there would be a few members of our wider family and friends who wanted to pop in we opted to let everyone know they could pop in for food and cake.

Balloonsgalore.co.uk were kind enough to send us lots of confetti balloons and Toot Sweet party supplies, so when the inevitable happened and practically the whole world turned up, we were thankfully ready for them!

12 things I learnt in 12 months, A first birthday post

Baby was suitably doted on and received offerings of more toys than she knows what to do with and enough clothes to keep her fashionable for at least the next few months. In truth, she was utterly spoiled to the point where she had to open a good few presents the next day. I hope she doesn’t think that she will be starting every day off with presents from now on, otherwise tomorrow will be something of a disappointment.

Looking back, the past 12 months have been a tremendous learning curve. I’ve gone from having avoided kids, particularly babies, like the plague. To spending all my time with my own! Here are the 12 most important things I’ve learnt:

12 things I learnt in 12 months, A first birthday post

  1. Don’t listen to people. Everyone has an opinion on everything but you know your baby better than they ever will so just smile, nod, and do your own thing.
  2. Even if you ask for the advice you are under no obligation to take it.
  3. Cuddle your baby whenever you can. When they’re teeny and fall asleep on you, just cuddle them, even if you need the loo! Because once they’re a little bigger and want to be up and about you’ll miss the sleepy cuddles.
  4. Shit happens and sometimes it’s projectile.
  5. The world will not end because you didn’t wash your hair / do the dishes / get dressed today.
  6. In the first month of your baby’s life no one but your baby has the right to expect anything of you.
  7. Don’t worry if your baby doesn’t do things when the books say they should. Your baby will roll / sit / crawl / drive a car, when they’re good and ready.
  8. Slings are your friend, particularly when it’s 11pm and your baby is still awake.
  9. Everyone thinks they know the best way to get a baby to sleep through the night. They don’t. Just do what works for you, whatever that is.
  10. Burps are the work of the devil, but your baby will learn to do them on their own eventually. Until then, there’s always Infacol.
  11. Feed your baby however you feel comfortable. Bottle / breast / baby lead / puree, it honestly won’t make the blindest bit of difference in the long run.
  12. Have fun! Your baby is only a baby once. Enjoy it as much as you can whenever you can. Even if that means getting down on all fours and going on an epic crawling adventure across a playing field.
  13. I know, I said there would only be 12! Blame baby brain!… Take as many photos and videos and humanly possible. That photo taken in poor light of how your baby’s foot always sneaks out of their sleep suit may not seem important now, but everything goes by so fast. Before you know it a year will have passed and that adorable habit will have disappeared and a dozen more will have been and gone. Without photos you’ll struggle to remember any of it.

12 things I learnt in 12 months, A first birthday post

For Baby and I, it’s now time to embark on the adventure of being 1. We’ve got walking, teething, and talking to look forward to and if her previous learning curves are anything to go by she will achieve all of these in her own time and then become an expert in one day! I just hope that she also learns to sleep later than 5:30am!!!

Baby has finally turned 1 year old! Check out her birthday post and my top 12 things I learnt during this crazy year.

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