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Bepanthen nappy cream

A year in nappies

With Baby now past the big 1, I’ve been thinking back on how much she has changed in such a short time. There are so many little things that she has learned, like putting her dummy in herself, handing over a toy when asked, and waving. Then there are the big things like learning to roll over and crawl. No matter how small the achievement is I always celebrate it as if she won gold in the Olympics! But I have to be honest, her increasing mobility has caused all sorts of havoc in the nappy changing department.
In the first year of a baby’s life they will go through around 2,460 nappies! But no two nappy changes are created equal and as the year has progressed I’ve realised that the different stages of Baby’s mobility has made a dramatic difference to my nappy changing experience.
As baby’s mobility changed I found it ever more important to stick to a nappy changing routine. One of those crucial steps was using a barrier cream to protect against the causes of nappy rash!
I will now share these experiences with you in my guide to nappy changing in the first year.


Terror is the word of the day. You have been handed a tiny, delicate, entirely dependent creature that you’re 100% certain you will break. You’re wrong, it will all be fine, but no amount of strangers informing you of this fact will make you stop treating your bundle of joy like a bomb that might go off at any second!
Changing a newborns nappy is fairly easy but due to the aforementioned terror, it will seem a lot harder than it is. At this point your baby will probably cry in displeasure at the experience and the mechanics of nappy changing will be fiddly due to your baby’s size, but they will remain relatively still and are easily manoeuvred into the position you would like them to be.
All in all, if you weren’t expecting your baby to sprout a second head or spontaneously combust any second, these would be the easiest nappies you ever changed.

A year in nappies with Bepanthen

Immobile Baby

You’ve done it, you’ve got past the newborn stage and are no longer scared of your tiny, dependant human. Gone are the days when you had to consult at least 3 books and a forum before you could touch your baby, you are now a veteran of winging it.
This is as good as it gets nappy changing wise. Your baby is now bigger, and less breakable looking, while still being incapable of wandering off every time you place them down. If you’re lucky your baby will have stopped crying, having realised that you’re trying to make them more comfortable, not eat them. As with all stages though, this stage has its pitfalls. The most terrifying of these is the projectile poop!
There you are, calmly changing your baby when suddenly you are having a very smelly shower. I recommend not standing in front of the business end if possible.

Rolling Baby

This is where the fun starts. All of the tummy time you have forced your tiny baby to endure has paid off and they are now rolling around like a sausage down a hill. All of the experience you’ve chalked up in the past few months will be required to deal with this.
Rolling is the start of a slippery slope for nappy changing. Nappies at this stage start normally enough but half way through, usually at the point where you have the old nappy off and the fresh nappy in place but not done up, your baby will suddenly get the urge to roll over onto your new carpet while doing an adult sized wee. Yes, wee is now your main concern and given the amount that your baby produces, you will begin to wonder if she is at least 50% bladder.
This is where Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment’s flip top lip comes in handy, it’s flip top lid enables you to hold baby still with one hand and apply cream with the other.

A year in nappies with Bepanthen

Crawling Baby

If you thought changing a rolling baby’s nappy was a challenge then you’re in for a shock. Crawling completely changes the nappy changing game. You may think you are ready for this but you probably aren’t.
Now that your baby can crawl nappy changing is a little like wrestling a live eel which is simultaneously screeching like a banshee, kicking you in the face, and escaping across the room with a nappy full of poop trailing upside down behind them. Although your baby will understand perfectly that you would like them to lay sedately on their back, they will wilfully disobey you and do their own thing instead.

Toddling Baby

You’ve done it! You’ve raised a tiny human past the baby stage. Unfortunately, it will be a while until you can ditch the nappies, but it’s ok. Your toddler will understand that you want them to lay still and hand your wet wipes, won’t they?
I have yet to endure the experience of changing a toddler but I have witnessed it. From what I observed changing a toddler involves requesting they allow you to change them at least 7 times before collecting them from whatever mischief they’re getting up to and suspending them upside down with one hand, while changing their bottom (which they will get as close to your face as possible!) with the other. I can’t say that I’m looking forward to this particular manoeuvre!

A year in nappies with Bepanthen

Bepanthen Nappy Cream

Whatever stage of nappy changing acrobatics you are at, one thing will always be true. A baby with nappy rash is not a happy baby! You can help protect against the causes of nappy rash by using Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment at every bedtime change to help protect your baby’s delicate bottom over night, when they will be wearing the same nappy for longer than usual. Bepanthen creates a transparent breathable layer on your baby’s skin which is free from fragrance, preservatives, colours, and antiseptics, but packed with pro-vitamin B5. Ensuring that it both protects from the common causes of nappy rash, while also keeping the skin supple and gently helping the skin to recover.
If you would like to know more about Bepanthen, you can take a look at my full Bepanthen review or visit the Bepanthen website at

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Bepanthen nappy cream

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No two nappies are the same and as you work your way through your Baby's first year you will experience at least half of these nappy happenings.

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  1. Has to be the first nappy i ever changed, I just had my first son and no one prepares you for the smell, the texture, the look….the poo was everywhere, he was screaming and I was heaving…the nappy was left off far too long so then he started weeing, it was just everywhere…. they midwife had to take over and clean him up while i cleaned myself up… it was a total disaster hahaha

  2. I struggled putting nappies on my first baby (my eldest son) I didn’t tape them on tight enough so when he pee’d his pee would travel upwards and his vests/tops would get wet with pee! The health visitor had to teach me how to put a nappy on properly lol! Apart from that I have had no nappy disasters apart from a few smell nappies when eating out – why do babies always have to poop when you are settling down to eat in a restaurant!?

  3. when my son harry was a newborn i placed him on the floor took off his nappy as he had done a poo turned around to reach for the cotton wool and he pooped again all over my new fluffy rug and i don’t know whenever or not it was hormones but i cried lol then i laughed luckily it was a washable rug xx fab giveaway thankyou

  4. mine was my husband had a habit of patting the bairns bottom, I was about to change her but had to leave the room to find the wipes, my husband who had cold and could smell nothing, picked her up and promptly patted her bottom, and all the poo shot out of the nappy and all over him.

  5. My worst nappy disaster was a doozy. My other half decided to pick our little fella up to give him an upside down spin in Grandma’s living room just as he was having a very runny bowel evac 😉 Gravity and the nappy’s inability to hold anything going ‘upwards’ from it meant her couch got a pebble-dashing. Thank God for Scotch guard!!

  6. The first nappy I changed on a day out with my eldest. I ran out of baby wipes it was so bad……….luckily there was a lovely lady near by that realised I was a complete novice and helped me out!

  7. We were at the drs which is a five minute walk so I didn’t pack a spare outfit three months ago, my then 3 month old daughter did a fantastic poonami, it ended up on her leggings vest, socks and soaked through to her top, I had to throw them in the bin and take her in to the Dr in her snowsuit coat, luckily the appointment was for myself otherwise the Dr might have thought I was crazy taking her coat off and her having nothing more than a nappy on underneath, we now always go prepared with a spare outfit xXx

  8. I’ve got little Twins and they pulled the nappy off and wet the cot during the summer. they’ve done that few times now.

    1. I learned my lesson quick 😂 she’s now at the rolling stage when we try to change her nappies which is also fun xXx

  9. We were in awe of our youngest brother when mum brought him home
    All 7 of us sat so close to him When mum was changing his nappy on her knee:: let’s say weeeeee all got a mouthful
    40 years ago and we still wind him up about it !!!

  10. changing my sons nappy and forgetting to put the lid back on the sudocrem come back into the room to find him and the tv and the walls covered in sudocrem

  11. My daughter was about as regular as the Sunday paper when it came to bowel movements. Every morning like clockwork, she woke up, downed her bottle, ate a little ‘breakfast’ and pooped. One morning as I finished my coffee I noticed she wasn’t making the usual scrunch red faced grunting, but I took her upstairs anyway to check. All I saw was one tiny turd. As I reached for the wipes, I joked around and covered my face with a clean nappy and leaned down and shouted peek-a-boo. She didn’t laugh so I tried harder. I covered my face with the nappy and as I removed it and leaned down to shout peek-a-boo, her bottom exploded with runny poop all over my face. It even got in my eyes. I have never scrubbed my skin so hard in a shower so hot in my life!

  12. Little one having a pee accident when changing her nappy all over my brothers new rug. He wasn’t laughing though!

  13. I don’t have any kids but have a story about when my sister was young.

    We were getting ready to go to the beach with my Mum’s friend and her kids. Then discovered my sister had emptied the contents of her nappy all over the cot, up the window, everywhere ……. what a smelly mess!

  14. The first poo! In hospita, having no idea what I was actually doing, I tried changing a nappy on my bed. Not the greatest idea, had to change all the sheets afterwards!

  15. Only vague memories now, but they don’t tell you to pack a spare outfit for yourself do they? Did my best to clean myself in mothercare, and then headed to a charity shop for an emergency skirt.

  16. Scary rather than funny. Little one on the floor on her changing mat while I was changing her nappy. Something caught me eye near the mat and I realised it was a coin. It must have dropped out of hubby’s pocket earlier.
    I decided to finish changing her before retrieving it but she spotted it before I had finished, picked it up and popped it in her mouth. As she was lying down, it went straight into the top of her throat.
    A child has never been picked up, turned over and back-patted so quickly. Luckily it came out but we both ended up in tears.

  17. Oh so many….. His hospital check at a week old was memorable- he was fine and beautifully presented but in the time it took to take him from the waiting area to the clinic room he did the most enormous poonami everywhere…. here we were, 2 bumbling, incompetent, sleep-deprived new parents trying to peel excrement-sodden garments of our newborn whilst a nurse looked on with mounting distaste.
    All cleaned up and health check went fine… until we realised we’d only packed a spare vest. 1week old baby’s parents did a walk of shame out of the hospital, in December, with baby bundled up in mummy’s cardigan and daddy holding poop-sodden outfit.

    not the best start tbh…

  18. I didn’t realise that little girls would wee so sneakily when you change their nappy, so you think their lovely, clean and dry, just to realise it has gone all up their back and is now it their haor.

  19. On an aeroplane, my little son pooed, he wasn’t wearing a baby grow due to the hot weather at the destination we were going too, the poo went up his back, his shirt moved, it smeered all over the aeroplane chair! It smelt awful, I tried my best to clean up it up, but I do feel sorry for whoever had to sit in that chair on the next flight!

  20. not mine but my husbands… the first time he took our daughter out on his own!
    she had an explosion in her nappy.. my husband took her to baby change to sort her and in his panic he couldnt see any spare clothes (i did pack them!) he ended up fetching her home straight away wearing only a nappy… he wasnt amused when i opened the bag and pulled out the spare clothes he was adamant wasnt there!!!

  21. Just the embarrassment when they decide to do a smelly poop when you are out in public. It happened to me once when i was on the bus with my son and stank the bus out!

  22. Not sure how this will go down, but I put my daughter down to change on my bed, then the l-line rang, I went to answer it and it was at this moment she decided to learn how to roll, promptly of the bed! She’s still fine 17 years later 🙂

  23. Using Pampers with my first born was my biggest mistake, the poo’s just leaked out all the time and used to go right up my sons back and into his hair! What a mess haha!

  24. Chucking then worn nappy in the bin at a shopping centre then realising I didn’t have a fresh one & rushing to boots with a baby in just a sleep suit before she did a wee’!

  25. I can remember the first time my husband changed our daughters nappy,i did say you have to be quick ..however, it was too late and he ended up with yellow poo all over him

  26. The funniest moment? Probably a couple of weeks ago when Reuben had his first poonami! Thankfully we were at home but I knew what happened when I heard it. He was bouncing in his jumperoo and the sound just reverberated around him. And of course, taking off his clothes revealed the poo had indeed exploded out of the nappy and up his back. I just had to laugh. Nappy times have in general been stressful for me, having OCD and anxiety, so I’m glad I handled it as well as I did. Parenthood,eh?!

  27. Trying to hold Tilly on the changing table and reach for wipes, nappies and a change of clothes whilst she kept wriggling in her major explosion. Notice on the wall demanded no one leave nappies behind. Emerged to face a disgruntled queue and husband demanded to know what had taken so long.

  28. Opened the nappy, thought I’d have time for a mad dash to grab the wipes across the room, but no, little one decides to roll over and take the contents of the nappy with her! 🙂

  29. When my daughter was born dealing with the first nappy which was horrendous and taking too long so ended up weeing on clean nappy

  30. sitting on the floor changing a rather full nappy – all done successfully until I I reached for the clean vest behind me and put my hand straight in the uncurled nappy!

  31. I once bought nappies that were a little too big and my daughters toilet landed all over her pretty summer dress during a BBQ!!!

  32. Probably the time someone didn’t tighten the nappy enough, and it was very loose on one side. Then little madam decided to relieve herself in the car seat. We had to return home immediately. It took about two weeks for the car seat, which couldn’t be dismantled, to be useable again.

  33. The first time my brother in law visited after my daughter’s birth, we were changing her diaper. She started pooing after we took it off. My husband and I were rushing to get a clean diaper under her while he looked on in horror. Surprisingly, he got over his fear of babies and is now a father to an infant.

  34. Taking my son into a busy town without any spare clothing, he exploded all up his back and I had to purchase a brand new set of clothes for him!

  35. One of our first ones where we picked my tiny baby son up and found he was soaked….we’d done the oldest trick and the book and not pointed his bits down!

  36. Whilst changing my daughter’s nappy she decided to have a poo. However, in the middle of the poo she farted and the poo spat out landing on my face and the wall! It was a low point!

  37. I tried some from the cheapest value range to see if I could save some money . They completely disintegrated…what a mess.

  38. I remember when my son was really little and I was changing his bum, moved out the way to get the cream and he projectile pooed!!!!! I’m glad I moved when I did :p

  39. Changing my daughter’s nappy when she decided to crawl around the living room furniture while i was grabbing some more wipes from the bathroom!

  40. the funniest nappy disaster i had was when my daughter was newborn and she projectile pooped all over my fiance…. good times!!!

  41. Luckily, none of mine have ever got me with poo but my youngest son managed to squirt my daughter with it when he was tiny! She’d just lifted his legs up to wipe his bottom and he added a bit extra in her direction!

  42. So I was changing my great-niece’s nappy (hope this counts as I can’t have children of my own) and she’d done a NUMBER TWO and was going through a “messy poo” stage, I had just about finished when she decided to do another NUMBER TWO and it went off over! It was even worse than the first one. Even better (or worse than that) my sister had just come in, in WHITE SHOES and managed to get the full brunt of the NUMBER TWO as I hadn’t been ready in time to stop the explosion (if you like).

  43. When our son pooped all over his father when he was changing his nappy! very funny for me, not so funny for him!

  44. On his 9th nappy and having sudacrem all over his hands I caught my husband wrapping sellotape round and round our sons nappy!

  45. My partner was changing our daughter in the middle of the night and had just taken her nappy off and lifted her up to wipe her when she had a massive poo which sprayed all over his chest leaving a white line down the middle of his chest where his are had been.

  46. My daughter kicking her nappy and her poo flying past me onto her cream carpet. Didn’t think it was funny when it happened but can laugh about it now

  47. Happened way too many times, but it’s getting poop on my arms / face by mistake and not realising until someone pointed it out to me….

  48. New years eve just as big ben strikes 12 my baby decided to give me a fabulous new years present it went everywhere lol.

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