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Beer 52 Review

Beer52 Craft Beer Club Review by
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About the product

Beer52 is the UK’s top craft beer club. When you sign up you choose to pay monthly, quarterly, 6 monthly or yearly, you then receive one box per month including the “Ferment” magazine worth £4.99, a beer snack and 8 craft beers chosen by the Beer52 experts.

The Review

Beer52 Craft Beer Club Review by in the days before Grumpy Baby came screaming into the world, there was nothing that Grumpy Dad and I enjoyed more than heading up to our local ale pub on a Friday to try whatever they happened to have on offer. We were such regulars that the bar staff knew our usual order and I often wonder if they assume we’ve been abducted by aliens, as post Baby, beer has remained a long distant memory. That was until the opportunity arose to try what Beer52 has to offer.

Having never joined a beer club before I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, however I was very pleasantly surprised when their Christmas beer box arrived on our doorstep. Far from the couple of bottles and the naff pamphlet that I had half expected, I found myself looking at 8 beers, a beer snack and the rather posh looking Ferment magazine.

This months box included Wiper and True, Santa Paws, Flower Power, Krampus, Mosaic, Rogue, LittleBro and a rather intriguing one by a brewery who don’t seem to believe in anything as main stream as putting an obvious label on their beer. Impressively all of these beers had been bottled about 4 weeks before hitting my doorstep, so the only way they could have been fresher is if I had gone to the brewery to get them myself!

Beer52 Craft Beer Club Review by Ferment magazine, which I had expected to be rather dry and dull unless you are a serious beer enthusiast, actually turned out to be full of humorous beer themed lifestyle articles, recipes for beer cocktails (which I never even knew existed!), descriptions of all of the beers supplied and the odd hardcore beer article for good measure. There really was something for everyone to read.

After riffling through the  box and assessing what Beer52 had to offer I was struck by the realisation that this club was absolutely perfect for people like Grumpy Dad and I, who for whatever reason, couldn’t get out to the pub but wanted something a little more interesting than whatever happened to be on 3 for 2 at the local supermarket. The box felt a bit special, as if our favorite pub had come to us, complete with the bearded barman who was always happy to make suggestions about which beer to try.

Beer52 Craft Beer Club Review by you consider what you might spend on a night out, the price of £24 per month (on pay monthly) for 8 specially selected craft beers, a snack and a magazine, sounds surprisingly reasonable. The only very slight criticism I could come up with was that perhaps it would be nice if there was one or two more snacks to set off the yummy beer.

Coming soon, part 2 of this review where my crack team of beer testers will be tasting each beer and giving their verdict. By crack team, I do of course mean that Grumpy Granddad, a somewhat experienced drinker, will be popping by to help us drink our way though the box and give our slightly tipsy views.

Where can I buy it and how much does it cost?

You can purchase a Beer52 membership direct from their website HERE.

The membership comes on a number of plans, £24 for monthly, £23 per month for quarterly membership, £22 per month for 6 monthly membership, or £21 per month for yearly membership.







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