The Bedtime Tag – Sleeping with Baby

The bedtime blogger tag. Sleeping like a baby.

Thank you to the lovely Mummy to Logan for tagging me in the Bedtime Tag.

This tag is all about sleep habits, which is somewhat ironic for a mum with a young baby to write about. On the whole I’m usually happy just to get a nap and I’m one of the luck ones who has a baby who sleeps well!

1. Describe your usual bedtime routine

Bedtime is a military operation in my house because there’s a good chance that if anything interrupts it, the baby won’t sleep!

At about 7pm Baby goes for daddy time while I waft around the kitchen cleaning, tidying and washing up bottles for the next day. Once I’m finished I make a bottle and head upstairs to get ready for bed and set up the changing station for Baby. About 10 minutes later daddy will deliver baby to be changed, fed and placed into her crib with all the delicacy of a bomb disposal expert diffusing live explosives.

One of three things will happen next, either Baby will be so sleepy that she will barely wake-up, or she will be awake babbling for a few minutes before drifting off by herself, or she will be awake screeching and banging about for the next hour while I try to sooth her… If I’m intending to join a Twitter chat, it will nearly always be the latter!

Once Baby is asleep I take the opportunity to work on my blog until 11 or 12 midnight before collapsing in bed when I can no longer think.

The bedtime blogger tag. Sleeping like a baby.2. What are your favorite pyjamas?

I rarely wear pyjamas but when I do it’s usually a pair of old leggins and a T-shirt. Nothing special.

3. What is your favorite bedtime reading?

Oh I do miss books but I haven’t read at night since Baby was born over 5 months ago. At the moment I mostly use my phone to catch up on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Oh the shame.

4. What would I find on your bedside table?

A baby… I had to give up my bedside table in order to fit Baby’s crib next to my side of the bed. It’s a bit inconvenient when I have a drink that I want to put down but on the whole, I don’t miss it.

5. What scents make you sleepy?

I’ve never been one for scents as I have a terrible sense of smell but I suppose lavender is quite soothing.

6. What is your usual bed time and wake-up time?

I go to bed with Baby between 8 and 9pm but I rarely go to sleep before 11pm. My wake-up time really depends on Baby. She nearly always wants a bottle at 5am but sometimes she will go back to sleep afterwards until 9am.

7. What are your top 3 bedtime products?

Unless toothpaste and a cup of tea come under this heading, I don’t have any.

The bedtime blogger tag. Sleeping like a baby.8. What is your most common sleeping position?

It’s somewhere between my front and my side. While I was pregnant I was so uncomfortable. I don’t think I slept at all during the last month! The first night after giving birth was pure bliss… well, the 2 hours sleep I managed to get were.

9. Do you have anything you like to take to bed with you?

My phone and my laptop. Once Baby’s asleep I can get some work done uninterrupted. If I ask very nicely Grumpy Dad brings me a drink when he comes up to bed.

10. What is your worse bedtime habit.

Staying up to catch up on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and waking up in the night and checking my phone instead of going back to sleep. I’m not a morning person on the best of days, so I really should know better!


Now for the fun part, I tag…



Me, Abbie Bee

and last but not least Mummy Bee


How has having a baby changed your sleep habits?

The Bedtime Blogger Tag, talking about sleep habbits and struggles with a young baby in tow.


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