Baby Wings Pacifier / Dummy Clips Review

Baby Wings Pacifier Clip Review

About the product

The Baby Wings pacifier clips are specially designed tethers which prevents your babies dummy from being dropped on the floor or lost.

The clips come in a pack of 3 and the design includes a strong woven ribbon with a unisex pattern, a thick braided loop to fasten the dummy and a heavy duty, springless, rounded clip to tether the dummy.

Baby Wings Pacifier Clip Review

My Review

When I was asked to test the Baby Wings dummy clips I had only just purchased a similar product at a comparative price, so I was very interested to see how they held up to one-another. Initially I imagined that there would be little difference, after all, how much difference can there be in two products following the same principle? However, when they arrived I was both surprised and delighted to discover that the Baby Wings clips were far superior to the other brand.

Baby Wings Pacifier Clip Review with most dummy clips, the Baby Wings clips are made from a short length of high strength ribbon in a pretty, unisex design. At one end there is a securely anchored braided loop which goes through the dummy ring, before doubling back on itself to create a loop around the dummy. On the other end is a clip which can be attached to your baby’s clothes or a convenient anchor point such as a pram harness. The ribbon is short enough that it does not pose any safety risk to the baby, so long as it’s anchored several centimetres from the neck area, however babies using any brand of dummy clip should be monitored at all times, just in case.

The difference between the Baby Wings dummy clip and my previous clips started with the ribbon. The baby Wings Ribbon feels far sturdier than the alternative product, which is a bonus as a teething Grumpy Baby loves to chew and play with the ribbon. The clips I had bought previously looked old, worn and in some places, worryingly frayed after only a few days. The Baby Wings ribbon, by comparison, still looks like new after several days of continuous use. This bodes well for the clips longevity, as I was starting to think that I would need to replace my old clips about once a week for safety sake. A endeavour which would have been both expensive and inconvenient.

Baby Wings Pacifier Clip Review second big difference between Baby Wings clips and my old clips, is the clip itself. Baby Wings use a heavy-duty plastic clip which has no spring or metal parts, is perfectly rounded and lies flat once closed. This is a massive improvement over the metal clips that I had been using for many reasons, the most immediate being that the metal clips have slightly sharp edges. When using the metal clips I would remove them every time I picked up Baby, for fear of scratching or pinching her delicate little tummy. I have no such concerns with the rounded edges of the Baby Wings clips.

Another disadvantage of the metal clips is that they tarnish and rust in moisture. With Baby drooling up a storm, this was inconvenient to say the least and again, the Baby Wings plastic clips have no such problem.

Baby Wings Pacifier Clip Review of the biggest advantages of the Baby Wings plastic clip to me personally, is the material itself. My family are terribly allergic to all but precious metals, meaning that I had to be very careful of placing the metal clip anywhere it might touch Baby’s skin for fear of causing an angry, itchy rash. I have no such problem with the Baby Wings clip and can place it on the convenient overlap of her sleepsuit without a worry.

Finally the metal clips have a round serrated pad that grips fabric. These rely on holding the fabric tightly between the two pads which has caused damage to some of the fabrics I have attached them too and the clip can be pulled off by a particularly persistent Baby. The Baby Wings clip, by comparison, has rows of blunt teeth which lock into the natural weave of fabrics, causing no damage and on most fabrics, becoming anchored so well that I cannot pull them off, let alone my fidgety little Baby.

The final icing on the cake came when I decided to test how durable the clips were… by trying my best to break them with reasonable force. The baby wings plastic clip held firm no matter how I twisted and pulled at it, where as the metal clip bent under the same pressure and would have broken had I continued.

Baby Wings Pacifier Clip Review in all, I’m extremely happy with the Baby Wings clips, they exceeded my expectations and as always, I do love a product which does what it’s designed for and does it well. As a result of testing this brilliant little product I will be throwing out my old dummy clips and sticking with Baby Wings from now on, which is the highest recommendation I can give.

Where can I buy it?

For more information about Baby Wings you can visit their website HERE or you can purchase them from Amazon via the link below.



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    1. The brilliant thing about these clips is that they’re strong enough to use for other things too. Baby loves her Lamaze toys but she’s just reached the age where she also loves to throw toys! Now I thread her toys onto one of these clips and attach it to the side of her pram so we no longer need to constantly watch for toys making a bid for freedom 😀

    1. Thank you for your kind words. These work really well with teething rings and I also use them to attach toys and teethers to Baby’s pram while we’re out. 8 months and I’ve never lost a toy! 😉

      Regarding the best age to use a pacifier, it really is personal choice. I started quite early but I know others who haven’t started until their baby was 6 months or more. The important thing is to make sure you are using the correct size as using a dummy for your baby. I have always used Tommee Tippee which have the age range printed clearly on the front of the packet.

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