Review: Baby Wings Bibs + Giveaway

Review: Baby Wings Bibs

I’m a big fan of Baby Wings dummy clips and have raved about them on several occasions, but now Baby Wings have moved into the mucky world of baby bibs and the question is, do their bibs live up to the same high standards?

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About the bibs

Baby Wings silicone bibs come in a pack of two including a blue bib decorated with the Baby Wings duck and a green bib decorated with a cartoon alien. The bibs are flexible and wipe clean, with a large food pocket and a button style fastening allowing the bib to be set to a wide variety of neck widths.

Each pack of bibs come with a free temperature sensing fork and spoon.


My review

When I first started weaning Baby I thought a bib was a bib. They just have to sit there and keep food off of Baby’s clothes and there’s nothing magical about that. Except there is! The majority of bibs are too big, to small, too easy to take off, too uncomfortable, too difficult to clean… the list is endless! In fact Baby was over a year old before I got my hands on a bib that I felt worked really well, and even that wasn’t perfect, so I had my fingers crossed that the Baby Wings bibs would live up to the same standards as their baby clips.

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Until I received my Baby Wings bibs, I had only ever used fabric bibs and was understandably sceptical about their ability to be both functional and comfortable. I worried that the bibs would rub Baby’s delicate neck or get in her way while she was eating. What I discovered however, was that the silicone bibs seemed to take the very best aspects of fabric and hard plastic bibs.

Review: Baby Wings bibs

Because the bibs are extremely flexible, my fears of Baby being uncomfortable were unfounded. The bibs don’t bother her any more than her fabric bibs do and the flexibility also means that the bibs can easily be rolled up and stored in a nappy bag or draw, just like a fabric bib.

The fastenings on the bibs also deserve note. The Baby Wings bibs fasten with a silicone button system, but there are so many buttons and corresponding holes, that you really can get a nice snug fit. Impressively, they also hold up to Baby’s best escape attempts, which is a mammoth feat in itself.

The food pouch at the bottom of these bibs is another area that I’m really impressed with. They seems to be the perfect size to catch nearly all the food that escapes Baby’s mouth, and because the silicone always wants to pop back into shape, the pouch is always open. This has a distinct advantage over fabric bibs with similar pouches, as these only tend to catch food that falls out of Baby’s mouth, not the food that falls off the spoon on-rout! As a result, since using the Baby Wings bibs, instances of picking up Baby to find her legs and bum covered in escaped food have dropped dramatically.

Review: Baby Wings Bibs

The final thing worth noting about the Baby Wings bibs is that they’re wipe clean. I can’t tell you how much of a relief this is after months of washing bibs. With the help of an ever-useful baby wipe the bibs can be cleaned and re-used several times before they need to be washed in soapy water. The bibs also don’t stain in the way that fabric ones do, which is very convenient if you have a Baby who is addicted to blueberries!

I really like these Baby Wings bibs. They fit well, are comfortable, stay on, and catch most food which doesn’t make it into Baby’s tummy. Since owning them they have become my go to bib, both for their functionality and because they are so easy to keep clean with no need to put them into the laundry. They even come with some cute cutlery which is the perfect size for Baby to fling food at me with.

Review: Baby Wings Bibs


  • Comfortable
  • Attractive Design
  • Catches most dropped food
  • Flexible, can be rolled for storage
  • Wide range of neck sizes achievable
  • Secure fastening system
  • Easy to clean
  • Matching cutlery


  • A little on the heavy side
  • No dribble guards

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Competition Time

The lovely people at Baby Wings will be giving one lucky Grumpy Mum winner their very own set of Baby Wings bibs. All you have to do is enter via the Rafflecopter below.

Review: Baby Wings Bibs

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  4. If the prize is not claimed within 14 days a new winner will be drawn.
  5. The blog owner is not responsible for non-deliver of prize.
  6. The prize is one set of Baby Wings Bibs dispatched by Baby Wings
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  8. If you enter by following an account you must still be following when the giveaway is drawn.

Finding the right baby bib can be a minefield! There are so many to choose from and not all of them work well. Check out this review of Baby Wings silicone bibs.

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  1. Whenever my son has spaghetti (which is his favourite food)he manages to get it absolutely everywhere. All over his face, his hair, my hair, down my top, on the floor etc.

  2. probably the first time I fed my baby real food. It was xmas day and I made him some baby rice. the bowl, somehow ended up upside down on his head.

  3. I made the big mistake of leaving mash sweet potato on my little girls high chair as you can imagine it went everywhere!!

  4. When we took my daughter to pizza express for the first time she was so excited she accidentally emptied all her dinner onto mummy! Not w good look with tomato sauce pasta!

  5. My daughter has just started to feed herself and it goes absolutely everywhere no matter what she eats at the minute her favourite food is pasta and pesto and she has a good aim on her lol

  6. My little boy is 3 weeks old and so far it’s his reflux. He has messed up so many babygrows and tops bless him

  7. A new packet of red lentils. Little one rolled into the kitchen before she could walk, opened the cupboard, grabbed the packet of lentils, chewed it until the cellophane split then spread the lentils all over the kitchen and hall. Despite getting out the vacuum cleaner immediately, I was still finding red lentils in little crevices years after the event.

  8. my granddaughter grabbed the dish the other day and got her rice pudding every where, all over the floor, cupboards and herself

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