52lb in 52 Weeks weight loss challenge – Oops!

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Cast your minds back to the beginning of the year when I started my 52lb in 52 weeks challenge.

I was so full of enthusiasm and so sure that, as I had done something similar before, I would be able to do it again. Well, coming back to the present I would love to tell you that it had worked, that I am on target and will soon be a new thinner me… Hell, I’d even like to be able to tell you that I had fallen off the wagon, but for that to have happened I would have had to have got onto the wagon in the first place!

Unfortunately all my good intentions remained exactly that and while I wanted to lose weight somehow I just couldn’t find the willpower I needed to actually do it. No matter how many times I told myself I could. Instead I made excuses, I was tired, I needed food for energy, I’d just finish this bar of chocolate then I’d stop, I’d just buy these sweets as a treat… On and on. It was honestly getting ridiculous and eventually I had to admit to myself that the diet was dead in the water.

Then last week something happened… From no-where my willpower popped back into existence. I woke up one morning and just knew that I wouldn’t over eat or nibble away on junk food and despite the huge bar of Galaxy chocolate on the coffee table and the bags of crisps in the draw, this time I was right. The next day was the same, and the next. Then I realised that I didn’t need to eat chips with dinner, I’d be happy with a salad and I’d be just as happy with two slices of pizza on pizza night as I would be with the whole thing. Now, over a week later I am finally firmly perched on the healthy eating wagon.

52lb in 52 weeks weight loss challenge update 3

So what changed to spark this sudden turn around. If I’m honest I’m not entirely sure. I wasn’t happy with my body and I don’t have many clothes that fit but neither of these things are new. The only thing I can think of which might have started a chain reaction is that last month I needed to buy new jeans. You would think this would be easy but the current trend appears to be skinny jeans which are so tight they cut off the circulation to your calves.

I don’t look great in skinny jeans at the best of times, seeing as I’m fairly short and have legs shaped like cartoon carrots. So with the extra baby weight I couldn’t even get the jeans over my knees let alone anything else.

In the end I decided to head to Next and buy some rather expensive sculpting jeans that I had bought previously. After wandering around the shops selection of jeans (all of which were skinny) I asked a shop who looked about 12 where could I find these them. In response she dramatically looked me up and down, something which I thought only happened on TV shows, then informed me that they had one style but they were skinny, in a tone which clearly said you cannot wear skinny jeans. I asked to see the jeans just because I didn’t want to walk out of the shop with my tail between my legs but the 12 year old was right, I would have struggled to get my arm into those jeans, let alone anything else so my tail and I were forced to leave empty handed.

I sulked for a few days and did eventually find some jeans in M&S which don’t constrict my legs like some sort of medieval torture device. but the event must have festered in my subconscious kicking my chocolate cravings butt.

So, here I am with renewed will power. I’m afraid the ship has sailed on my 52lb in 52 weeks challenge so instead I will be aiming to lose two dress sizes and drop from my current depressing 18 to a far more reasonable 14 by the end of the year. In the past week or so I have lost 3lb4oz so I’m heading in the right direction. I’m not using any faddy diets, instead relying on healthy eating. I’ve given up sweets, chocolate and crisps and am avoiding foods like chips and having salads instead. I’m also tracking my weight on on my phone using the Happy Scales app. This app has lots of very visual charts to show you how you’re doing, which I love! It also breaks my target weight down into 10 mini goals to make it more manageable. My next mini goal is in 4lb7oz which I hope to reach within the next couple of weeks.

If you started a diet in January how is it going? Did you stick to it or have you fallen off the wagon? I’d love to hear how you’re doing!

At new year I started my 52lb in 52weeks challenge. I struggles with dieting and healthy eating for about two months before falling off the wagon, but now I've found my willpower and am back on the right track. Read my new blog post to find out why,

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