52lb in 52 weeks weight loss blog series #1

52lb in 52 weeks weightloss blog www.grumpymum.co.uk

Here we are, the first day of the new year and my first 52lb in 52 weeks blog post. So, what is this series about?

After having my beautiful daughter 4 months ago, I think it’s fair to say that I have piled on the pounds. I’m now two dress sizes bigger than I was pre-pregnancy and I wasn’t very happy with my weight then. Something needs to be done and that something is my 2017 new years resolution to lose 1lb per week for the whole of 2017. Hence the title, 52lb in 52 weeks. If I’m honest I could (scarily) do with losing more than the 3st10lb that I’m aiming for, but I wanted my target to be achievable. In the case of weight loss I’d much rather aim low and do better than planned, than aim too high and fall short.

52lb in 52 weeks weightloss blog www.grumpymum.co.uk

My decision to lose weight isn’t just about my dress size… although that is a big factor. I’ve recently been finding the excess baggage a little difficult to deal with. My back, hips, knees and ankles are feeling the strain and starting to feel uncomfortable. I’m also struggling when I get up in the morning as my everything feels stiff! I’m sure that it is the additional weight (definitely not my age!) that is to blame and I’m hoping that as the pounds melt away something similar to my previous level of fitness will return, just in time for me to run around after Baby as she starts to toddle.

Once I had decided on this goal, I obviously had to decide how I was going to achieve it. As much as I would like my excess pounds to disappear in a puff of smoke, I realise that this probably isn’t going to happen, so the big question was Weight Watchers or Slimming World.

I’ve used Weight Watchers successfully before. In my early 20’s when I was single, living on my own and had time to visit the gym 4 or 5 times a week. I managed to lose 3 stone with them but back then I found it easy to count points and eat some remarkably bland food when points were a little scarce. Unfortunately when I tried again last year it was money down the drain. I was now living with Grumpy Dad and as he likes to do all of the cooking and regularly kicks me out of my own kitchen, point counting just didn’t work.

I’ve had less experience with Slimming World. I would have been about 19 last time I tried it and it just didn’t stick. It was back in the days of writing things in books and looking up Syn values in pamphlets and I found it fiddly and confusing. I also wasn’t very adventurous with food back then. I didn’t eat pasta or rice and anything with so much as a sniff of a herb in it was deemed inedible. Far too many years later and I’m looking at the free foods on Slimming World and thinking I could happily live off of them without a second thought and as there’s no restrictions on the weight of free foods, it will be easy for Dad to prepare.

Having gone through this decision making process I had hoped to start Slimming World a couple of days before new year, giving me time to read up and put together a shopping list. Unfortunately, problems with the web site meant that I couldn’t sign up until the evening of the 1st January, when I was so annoyed with the lack of any technical support from Slimming World that I really did resent giving them my money and had to eat a mars bar to cheer myself up! Still, I have signed up now and with the exception of the mars bar, I did eat very well today.

Over the next week I will be spending some time learning about the Slimming World plan and working out how to use their website. So far, I must admit that I am less than impressed. The website appears to be very basic, more of a magazine than anything else, and tracking appears to still be a case of manually recording what you’ve eaten rather than entering it into an app. Hopefully my opinion will improve over the week. I will be using my 1byOne smart scales (see my review of these HERE) to keep track of my weight and stats. The advantage of using these scales over regular bathroom scales is that, should I fail to lose weight during a week, I will stand a better chance of understanding why.

My next weigh in will be on Sunday 8th Jan, when I will learn if I have managed to lose my first 1lb.

Are you aiming for a weight loss goal this year? How are you planning to achieve it?


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  1. Oh, I am so with you on the weight loss thing! If you fancy buddying up to keep each other accountable…

    Between February 2015-and April 2016 I shed 60lbs, and have managed to keep it off but now I’m ready to go for the final push, and get rid of another 30lbs. I’m not in a huge hurry but it would be great if this time next year I wasn’t thinking about losing weight!

    If you’re in need of an app to record your food intake, biometrics, and exercise, I wholeheartedly recommend Cronometer(https://cronometer.com/). It’s free to use, and is pretty darn excellent. I really like that I can keep track of all my macros as well. I’ve used a couple of other apps before, and they just didn’t come up to scratch – Cronometer is definitely the best I’ve used. Oh, and you can add your own foods and recipes too.

    BTW, I saw on your ‘about’ page that you used to do medieval re-enactment… so did I!

    1. It’s a small world, do you mind me asking which Medieval group you were with? I was a Plantagenet (The guys who currently run the battle field at Tewksbury festival)

      That app looks good, I might give it a go. It would certainly be nice to have a slimming buddy as I have a feeling it will be a bit of an uphill struggle for me!

  2. Good luck! I don’t have a weight-loss goal, but I do have a healthy eating goal for this year. I used to eat pretty well, but since having my daughter I find myself snacking a lot in the evenings, and busting out the wine more often than I should because ‘I deserve it’. Two days in and I’ve already eaten cheese after dinner both nights, so not a great start. Why does cheese have to be so good?

  3. Good luck lovely. Im on an ongoing weightloss journey with brain retraining and have lost 6 inches so far. Hope you can stick to it – its so tough

    Thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime

  4. Good luck with your weight loss. This is something I want to do, but I know it all comes down to eating less. That’s the problem. Cakes, chocolate, crisps… it’s all the temptation. I have heard lots of great things about slimming world. Hope it all goes well. Thank you for sharing with the #DreamTeam.

    1. Sadly it turned out that Slimming World wasn’t for me but I’m sure I’ll manage without. I hear you with the cake etc. I have a cold at the moment and I appear to be slowly eating my way through the contents of the naughty draw!

  5. Good luck! I don’t have a weight-loss goal, but I do have a healthy eating goal for this year. I used to eat pretty well, but since having my daughter I find myself snacking a lot in the evenings, and busting out the wine more often than I should because ‘I deserve it’. Two days in and I’ve already eaten cheese after dinner both nights, so not a great start. Why does cheese have to be so good?

    1. I completely agree on the cheese front! Unfortunately this diet didn’t end well… I fell well and truly off the wagon and then lost all momentum 🙁
      Fortunately I appear to be back on the wagon now and giving Slimming World a try. If you’d like to read about my latest adventures in slimming have a look at this link http://grumpymum.co.uk/slimming-world-1/

  6. Great post and I really feel for you. A friend of mine was in a similar position, but is managing to reap the rewards now of good discipline in the gym and the kitchen. Something she swears by however is Red Tea, personally I’m not keen on the taste.

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