52lb in 52 weeks – Week #3

52lb in 52 weeks weight loss challenge

Welcome to week 3 of my 52lb in 52 weeks weight loss challenge!

I would like to tell you that after my dodgy start to the year I bucked my ideas up and had a fantastic week where I followed my diet meticulously and lost lots of weight… Unfortunately this would be a shameless lie! What actually happened was that I woke up on Monday with a miserable cold, a poorly Grumpy Dad and a very grumpy teething Baby. As becoming a duvet diver was not an option, I had to ignore the sniffles and the general feelings of retchedness  and get on with it. Sadly that level of fortitude required chocolate, lots of chocolate!

The bright side of all this is that there is no longer a scrap of Christmas chocolate in the house and the few sweeties left belong to other people so snaffling them would require a serious amount of explaining. This should make next week, when I will hopefully feel more human, far easier as I have no intention of letting chocolate back into the house.

Despite feeling ill I have made the odd nod towards healthier eating. This week we tried to substitute mince for Quarn mince. Initially I thought this would go well as I ate a lot of Quarn when I was younger and lived with a vegetarian. Unfortunately my pallet appears to have become more discerning since then and while we gave it a good go with a chilli and a bolognese, it just wasn’t cutting it. Despite the Quarn looking fairly like mince, the taste and more importantly, the texture was all wrong. The chilli was ok as the spice covered the taste and the kidney beans gave it some texture. But the bolognese was just mushy and unpleasant. As a result we will be shelving the idea of Quarn mince and buying lean mince instead. It may not be quite as good for you but it will have to do.

As I practically lived on chocolate this week I was not expecting to have lost weight. In fact I was fairly certain I would have gained back all the weight I lost last week and then some, so, when I saw that I had only gained 2lb I was relieved to say the least as at least I am still on track.

Current Progress: 50lb in 50 weeks.

Next week it won’t be difficult to improve on the appalling diet of this week. I will be avoiding chocolate, trying not to over eat or snack too much and generally trying to stick to the healthy stuff. With any luck this will be enough to get my weight heading in the right direction again.

What is your Achilles heel when it comes to dieting?

52lb in 52 weeks weight loss challenge


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  1. My Achilles (eating) Heel sounds pretty similar to yours. If it’s sweet and it’s there, I will eat it. I will eat it before it occurs to me to eat real food. And then I’m not hungry for real food so I subsist on junk food 🙁
    Of course, I’m 30weeks pregnant so at least I have an excuse!
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