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It’s January again and time to join the New Years resolution band wagon.

Last year I set several resolutions, all of which fell by the wayside very quickly. I could give any number of excuses for this, but that would be pointless. I don’t want to look back at the failures of the past, but forward to the successes of the future.

With that in mind, this year I will be scrapping resolutions and making goals which are hopefully achievable. To my mind a resolution is something that you tell yourself you will do, while a goal is something that you plan and work methodically towards. At least that’s what I’m telling myself right now! These are the goals I will be working towards this year.

2018 Goals

Fitting into my wedding dress

Yep, Grumpy Dad has finally decided to make an honest woman out of me. All I have to do is lose some weight so that I can fit into my dress!!!

I plan to achieve this goal by:

  • Using my new Fitbit Charge2 to monitor my calorie intake, weight, and exercise levels.
  • Only eating around 1200 calories per day.
  • Cutting down on junk food and upping my fruit and veg.
  • Increasing my exercise levels using “active” video games.
  • Doing some gentile toning exercises every day.

I can already zip my wedding dress up, but it currently doesn’t sit quite right so I’m hoping that I can correct this within the next 3 months… Failing that, there’s always body sculpting underwear!!!

Earning a living from my freelance writing business

Over the past year I’ve been putting some serious work into my blog and now I have taken that a step further and started working as a freelance writer. While both of these endeavours have been fun and rewarding, my savings have now run dry so I have no choice but to start making real money or go back to regular employment.

My goal is to make £600 each month from sponsored posts and freelance writing. So far, I’ve struggled to top £400 but my freelance writing business only started in December 2017.

I plan to achieve this goal by:

  • Continuing to post regular content on Grumpy Mum Reviews.
  • Applying for as many blog related opportunities as possible.
  • Learning to say no to low value reviews, and appreciating that my time is valuable.
  • Increasing my portfolio of freelance writing clients.
  • Applying for as much freelance writing work as I can handle.
  • Focusing on increasing my freelance writing rate (as I become more experienced)

My first month of freelance writing went very well. I was lucky enough to land a regular client, in addition to some adhock work. December was also a good month for blogging and as a result I started January in a strong position and already have cash and invoices due this month worth £350.

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In an ideal world I want to be making significantly more than £600 per month so that I can replenish my savings but one step at a time!

Decorate at least 3 rooms

When we moved into our new home in August 2016, decorating was the last thing on our minds. Baby was due within a couple of weeks and my pregnancy was continuing to be stressful. We did manage to complete Teens room just before Baby arrived (literally!!) but since then we have made very slow progress.

So far we have completed:

  • Teens room
  • Childs room
  • Baby’s room

We’ve started:

  • The living room
  • The cabin/shed

We have yet to touch:

  • The master bedroom
  • The kitchen
  • The dining room
  • The hallway and stairs
  • Any of the bathrooms

The living room just needs some finishing touches as we’ve already laid a new carpet (thanks to Cormar carpets) painted and wallpapered. We just need to hang photos, put up a shelf and get a lampshade. I’m hoping that this will all be complete within a few weeks.

Live your dream

The cabin, which was a gift from Grumpy Grandad, will be a space for Teen and Grumpy Dad to practice and record music. So far we have finished building the structure, put up plaster board and had it wired (although there’s no electricity yet). With luck we will have this finished in the summer, when we can lay the wooden floor that we salvaged from the living room, paint and have the electrics finished.

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I’m hoping that in addition to finishing off these two rooms we will be able to decorate the master bedroom, kitchen and dining room.

The easiest of these rooms will be the dining room, which should only need a lick of paint and a cabinet. We’re hoping to use the room to display some of our sci-fi memorabilia and autographs, so it should be a reasonably fun project.

Next will be the master bedroom, this will need painting, wallpapering and a redesign with the addition of some more storage.

Finally, the kitchen will be the most troublesome as it needs to be completely gutted. We’re planning to reduce the cost by having free-standing kitchen units around the majority of the kitchen. As we’re currently on a tight budget this probably won’t happen until the end of the year (if at all!)


Work allowing (I’m hoping to be very busy with the freelance writing!) I will post a goal update on a monthly basis.

Are you setting goals or resolutions this year? What are they? Please leave a comment as I would love to hear what others have planned.

Find out what my 2018 goals are and how I will achieve them!

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  1. Great post – I like your honesty! I’m not one for resolutions either but sometimes January is just a good time to start something new.

    I’ve lost weight since October by adopting a similar approach to you. I had (‘tis sadly no more) a Fitbit Charge and I used that plus recorded my calorie intake using the MyFitnessPal app. The app is compatible with the Fitbit app so will import activity data and add it to your calorie deficit for that day – you can choose to “eat” those calories but it allows you to make an informed choice. I also use it to track body measurements as I think they’re often a better guide than just using weight alone.

    I was 69kg in October and I’m about 65.5kg now. Nothing drastic but very achievable.

    Good luck with everything – I’m looking forward to the updates.

    1. Well done on the weight loss, that sounds fab!
      I agree that measurements are a much better monitoring tool than weight. I’ve always been heavy, even on the brief occasions that I’ve been thin! I guess some people are just built that way.

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