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1byOne Smart Bathroom Scales Review by www.grumpymum.co.uk

About the product

The 1byOne smart scales are the next generation of bathroom scales. They provide not only a weight measurement but also data on body water, body fat, bone mass, BMI, visceral fat, BMR, and muscle mass, all sent direct to your smart device, where you can view the data as charts or lists.

The scales come with their own easy to use app for IOS and Android and a full colour easy to read instruction manual. They can support up to 10 users on the same or different smart devices, are powered by 4AAA batteries and can measure weight up to 400lb.

1byOne Smart Bathroom Scales Review by www.grumpymum.co.ukReview

My pregnancy journey was something of a rocky road, where just getting through the day was a struggle and watching what I was eating was the last thing on my mind. So I always knew that the path back to my pre-pregnancy body was going to be an uphill one. As a result, a good pair of bathroom scales were going to be essential.

I initially decided to buy a pair of Weight Watchers scales, but after one pair broke and another was broken on delivery, I was glad of the chance to review the 1byOne Smart Scales.

1byOne Smart Bathroom Scales Review by www.grumpymum.co.ukOn first glance the scales appear to be similar to many other analysing scales on the market. They are a modern glass design with metal pads which send a signal through your body allowing the scales to record more than just your weight. By judging the speed at which the signal returns, the scales can provide you with details of your body water, body fat, bone, BMI, visceral fat, BMR, and muscle mass. This is really handy as instead of just looking at your weight, you can get a feel for why you are that weight. For example, perhaps you retail a lot of water, or if you are exercising while losing weight you might see the scales stand still, which can cause you to become demotivated. But, with analysing scales you might see that although your weight isn’t changing, your body fat is reducing.

1byOne Smart Bathroom Scales Review by www.grumpymum.co.ukI have purchased analysing scales in the past but I’ve always found them to be useless. They either scroll through the analytics so quickly that you don’t have time to take note of them, or it’s so difficult to work out what the figures relate to, that I’ve just given up. This is where I’ve found the 1byOne scales to be considerably better than any other scales I’ve used.

Instead of scrolling through statistics on the scales, the scales connect via Bluetooth to your smart phone or tablet and upload your date directly to the 1byOne app. I was initially skeptical about how user friendly and reliable the app would be, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. The app, which is available on IOS and Android, is easy to find and completely intuitive. The scales do come with a glossy, instruction manual which has ample instruction on how t1byOne Smart Bathroom Scales Review by www.grumpymum.co.uko set the app up, but you’re unlikely to need them as it’s so easy to use. In fact the only reason I have needed the manual is that I couldn’t figure out how to turn the scales on… I’ve always had scales you have to tap to turn on before but with these you simply open the app, step on the scales and like magic your data is transferred.

You can also have up to 10 accounts on the scales, either on the same smart phone or tablet or across several different ones, and you don’t even need to pair the devices. As long as Bluetooth is enabled, it will all be automatic.

1byOne Smart Bathroom Scales Review by www.grumpymum.co.ukGrumpy Dad and I have been using these scales for a couple of days now and I’ve been impressed by how reliable they’ve been. I haven’t had any instances of data not transferring as it should, or data anomalies. Although I would say that you need to weigh yourself the same time every day to get the best results.

In addition to just collating the data from the scales the 1byOne app also provides you with the ability to drill into your data and see graphs of how your weight and other statistics are changing. This is brilliant if like me, you already track using other apps, as it means you can keep everything in one place.

All in all, I’m really happy and impressed with the 1byOne smart scales. They make tracking your weight and statistics so simple that it requires practically no effort at all.


EDIT: 05/05/17

I’m very sad to say that while I was initially happy with these scales, things have taken a turn for the worse. I’ve recently started weighing myself every day and started to notice that my weight wasn’t moving so much as am oz no matter what time of day I weighed and what I was wearing. This seemed a little unlikely so I decided to weigh myself on a second set of scales.

I used a very basic set of Weight Watchers scales and weighed myself in the middle of the day. I had weighed myself on the 1byOne scales first thing in the morning before eating and while wearing very little. I weighed myself on the WeightWatchers scales in the middle of the day, after eating and fully clothed yet they came in at 2oz less than my morning weight. I checked on my 1byOne scales again and they gave the same reading as they had that morning.

To be certain I weighed myself in the morning the following day. The 1byOne scales once again gave the same reading while the WeightWatchers scales came in around 2lb less. I can only conclude that after less than 6 months my scales are no longer working correctly.

Where can I buy them and how much are they?

The 1byOne Smart Scales retail for £28.99 and can be bought from the 1byOne website HERE or from Amazon via the link below.




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