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What is the 1byOne home humidifier

A humidifier is used to introduce a cool mist into the air. This is particularly useful in winter when central heating can dry out the air to an uncomfortable degree.

About the 1byOne home humidifier

Humidifier BaseThe 1byOne humidifier comes in a compact box with everything you need and extensive instructions on how it should be used.

The humidifier itself is a attractive teardrop shape and comes in 4 parts. The top “hat” section can be twisted to direct the vapor flow in any direction. The central section is a water tank which provides vapor for between 6 to 8 hours depending on how high you have the flow set. The tank section also doubles as a very attractive night light which can be set to a number of different colours or set to rotate through a rainbow colour scheme. The cap of the water tank is also a water filter which can be replaced, keeping your humidifier clean and efficient for longer and finally the base which has a dial to select how much vapor you would like it to create and a button which allows you to turn the night light on and off and select the colour.

The Review

When Grumpy baby started being woken up by a blocked nose at night I did a little research and discovered that it might be because the the central heating was making the air too dry. With that in mind I set about trying to find an affordable humidifier to test the theory. The 1byOne humidifier had good ratings on Amazon and was within my budget so I decided to give it a go.

This design comes in 2 sizes 2.8ltr and 1.3ltr. As I only wanted to use it over night I plumped for the 1.3ltr which is cute and compact and fits perfectly on my window sill.

The humidifier was very easy to set up, simply fill the water tank, pop it back on the base and select whether you want a light mist or a fog that a 1980’s music video would be proud of. The night light, which I was originally indifferent about also turned out to be a brilliant little feature as it’s far more attractive that I would have expecteNight Lightd. There’s lots of colours to choose from including reds, blues, purples and greens or you can just let it cycle through the colours. Grumpy Dad and I like to take turns choosing the nights colour as we’re just that sad. The really good thing about the night light is that you can use it without turning the humidifier on so in the summer when the last thing you want is more humidity, you can still use the nightlight making it a useful product all year round! It is also worth noting that if you don’t want the night light on you can easily turn it off.

Another fantastic feature of this humidifier is that it really is whisper quiet. If, like me, any noise at night bothers you, you will find this humidifier perfect as at most you will be able to hear the lowest of hums… that is apart from the odd air bubble working it’s way to the surface.

The humidifier isn’t 100% perfect. The cable is very short, so unless you have a socket right next to where you are setting it up, you will need an extension cord. Also, the filter that also acts as the cap for the water tank, creates a very tight seal, so you may find yourself having a strong man competition trying to get it open. That being said these are small issues on an otherwise brilliant product which solved Grumpy Baby’s stuffy nose on the first night making it priceless as far as I’m concerned.

HumidifierIt’s also worth mentioning that 1byOne’s customer service is outstanding. The delivery man kindly punted my first humidifier over my fence and must have caused some damage to the inner workings as it was perpetually stuck on a vapor level that would not have looked out of place on a cheesy horror movie. As the humidifier was relatively cheap I assumed it was just a case of you get what you pay for and wrote a review on Amazon to that effect. Within days 1byOne contacted me to let me know they were sending me a replacement humidifier as they suspected mine was faulty. They were quite right and my new humidifier works perfectly. Never in all my years have I received a replacement product without even asking! If only all customer service was this efficient!

How much does it cost?

The 2.8ltr version can be purchased on Amazon for around £38 at the time of writing.

Where can I buy the 1byOne home humidifier

You can purchase the 2.8ltr humidifier on Amazon by clicking the link below.


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