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What is it?

The bump to birthday journal is part of the journals of a lifetime collection. The journal is a way for expectant mothers to record their thoughts, feelings and experiences during their pregnancy and first month of being a new mum.

About the product

The Bump to Birthday journal is a hard back book with a nice weight to each page. The journal comprises of a page for each week of pregnancy, additional pages such as 12 and 20 week scan, a page for each week of the first month of your babies life and pages for major events in your babies first year such as first birthday, Christmas and Holiday. Each page is illustrated in a whimsical way that that isn’t too babyish and will be equally suitable whether you have a girl or a boy.

Bump To Birthday Scan PageThe Review

When Grumpy Dad and I decided to try for a baby I knew I wanted to record the experience so that I could look back on it in years to come and remember that my stroppy teen was once a desperately wanted possibility, or that my full grown child, having babies of their own, was once my baby.

On shopping around I found that most pregnancy diaries were either very over the top with teddy bears and stalks, cheaply made or very basic with little room for writing. Then I found the Bump To Birthday book.

Bump To Birthday Weekly PageI really like the design of this journal. For me, it strikes the perfect balance between feeling like a pregnancy book and not looking like a stalk  threw up on it. There is a well laid out page for every week of your pregnancy, with a small blurb describing your growing baby’s progress and plenty of room for writing how you feel about you and baby. There is also space to glue pregnancy photos. I chose not to do this as one thing I would like to forget about pregnancy is how awful I looked! I did find that these pages lacked a way to add keepsakes, for example, I wanted to keep hospital bands and sick notes. In the end I made my own little envelopes to stick to the relevant pages. This worked fairly well but did result in the book becoming a little over full.

Bump To Birthday Labour PageIn addition to a page for each week of pregnancy there are also a number of pages scattered throughout the book relating to other events or things you may want to remember. There’s a page to tell you the stone and flower of each month, a page for the 12 and 20 week scans, a page to write down your pregnancy symptoms and one for all the unwanted advice you receive. All of these are beautifully illustrated and give you something to fill in when you’re itching to complete your next entry.

Bump To Birthday Weight PageOnce you’ve had your baby the book continues with a page a week for the next month, although there is a good chance you’ll struggle to have the time and energy to take advantage of this. The book then changes course and continues with a much more milestone driven feel. For the next year there are pages to records firsts, first words, first steps, first holiday and first Christmas to name but a few. I both really like this and get a little frustrated with it. I love being able to continue recording everything now my baby is here, and I still get a lot of pleasure from writing little notes in the book, but I would have preferred if the publisher had brought out a whole new book for the first year. I enjoy writing about my baby’s achievements and nuances and as a result I have ended up buying a note book which I write in every few days, recording unimportant things like Grumpy Baby falling asleep on her play mat because she’d tired herself out. These unimportant little things are the memories that will bring a Bump to Birthday Christmas Pagesmile to my face in years to come and I want to remember them. In addition, I also find myself forgetting to fill in the book now that I’m not looking at once a week. Every now and then I need to flick through it to check what milestones I’m looking out for and it’s a little disappointing when I do this and have nothing to record.

As a First time mum who is, I admit, a little obsessive, I very much enjoyed this journal and am so glad I found it. I know it will be a treasured keepsake for the rest of my life and something that I hope I can share with my daughter when she’s older.

How much does it cost and where can I buy it?

You can purchase this book on Amazon for around £17 or from the Journals of a Lifetime website HERE




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  1. The pregnancy journal is that the excellent outlet of emotions for each pregnant mother. Doctors can tell you to continuously stay happy throughout pregnancy. Your behavior will generally be terribly irrational and although not by design, hurt anyone close to you. however with pregnancy journal, you’ll be able to continuously track down the explanation for this irrational behavior anon. Remember, your interest to pen down everything on the pregnancy journal may be passed on to your kids, because of it a really attention-grabbing and healthy habit.

    1. Hi Kerrimenke,
      Thanks for your comment, I couldn’t agree more. And the mental health benefits of keeping a journal don’t just end at pregnancy, they can help you get through rough patches, help you focus on goals and as you say, help you to vent your frustrations without hurting people you care about.

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